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Nebuchadnezzar Died-His Son Released a Prisoner From The Deepest Dungeon

By Mary Vee
Jeremiah 52, II Kings 25

From Barach's Chronicle

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My name is Barach, I am the scribe for the prophet Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah was taken as prisoner to Egypt along with many other Jews. I am not sure if he is still alive.

I am including this last detail to close off Jeremiah's book.

Word has come to me that Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon has died. He ruled his empire for forty-five years. During his reign he and his army invaded Jerusalem and took many prisoners, including the king, Jehoiachin.

Jehoiachin was an evil king and had taught the people of Judah to worship other gods even in the short three months he ruled. The Almighty allowed the take over of Judah as a punishment to the nation for worshipping other gods. Jehoiachin was put in a prison. The punishment, according to the Word spoken by Jeremiah and other prophets, was to be seventy years. Thirty seven years have passed so far.

The new king of Babylon is Nebuchadnezzar's son, Evil-Merodach - although I must add here that the Babylonians call him Amel-Marduk.

Apparently Evil-Merodach knew King Jehoiachin. Some Jews said that during the time Nebuchadnezzar lived in the fields with the animals, Evil-Merodach ruled the empire. When Nebuchadnezzar returned to the palace, he became upset with some of the things his son, Evil-Merodach did. Nebuchadnezzar threw his son in prison as a punishment. There, according to the Jews, he met and spent time with Jehoiachin. 

Other Jews said Evil-Merodach learned about the Jewish faith and the Almighty from Daniel who worked in the palace. 

I'm not sure exactly why Evil-Merodach had respect for Jehoiachin, but he released him from his sentence on the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth month. Our calendar was different from your calendar today. So it wasn't really December 25th at the time.

The servants helped Jehoiachin change his clothes, bathe, and groom before going to the new king of Babylon two days later. Evil-Merodach spoke kindly to Jehoiachin and gave him a seat of honor higher than those of the other kings who were with him in Babylon.

Evil-Merodach kept Jehoiachin in his circle, allowing him to eat at his table. Day by day, Evil-Merodach also gave Jehoiachin an allowance to buy what he wanted as long as he lived.

It seems God had given this gift to Jehoiachin showing that although we may have miserable days, God will always care for those who worship Him. So, maybe during Jehoiachin's time in prison, he remembered how to worship God and God alone.


1. How long did Nebuchadnezzar reign?
2. Who took Nebuchadnezzar's place?
3. Who did the new king release from prison?
4. What else did he do for this person?

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