Saturday, July 25, 2015

Job-What I really Needed From My Friends

By Mary Vee
From Job 3-39

From the Notes from Job

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I don't understand what has happened.

I am a logical thinker. If the rules are followed and the work is done, AND if you take extra steps to make the project even better, then, logically things should work out right.

During my life I have been blessed so much and I am thankful. But, and yes, there is a but, at this minute, I wish I had never been born.

In one day everything, my animals, my servants, my children, all had been taken away or murdered. My heart aches beyond description.

God has blessed me and I will always praise Him.

The next day, painful sores broke out on my body from my head to my toe. There is nothing that could ease the pain. I could think of nothing to do but to sit by myself and think.

Oh, if only I had not been born.

Three friends of mine Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar came yesterday when they heard the news. They sit with me, not saying a word. Seven days have passed. I appreciate them for coming, but can't find any words to say. What is there to say?

I refused to blame God. This is not His fault. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. 

I just don't understand and can't find any words to say. After seven days I finally speak to them. "I have no peace, no quietness. I have no rest, only turmoil."

I had hoped they would be understanding, offer comfort in some way. But they do not. They don't understand what I am going through. They say they knew what I am thinking, what I have done wrong, AAAH, they don't understand at all!

I finally say to them, "A despairing man should have the devotion of his friends...but my brothers are as undependable as a stream that does not flow when the crops need it. Leave me alone!"

But they do not. They take turns giving me counsel that is all wrong. They don't understand! They don't know what I as thinking or how I feel.

Eliphaz said, "If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored...."

See? How can he say this when he knows I have been faithful and dedicated to God. I did not walk away from God. "The fear of the Lord--that is wisdom, and to keep away from evil is understanding," I said. "Oh how I wish for the days when God's intimate friendship blessed my house. When the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me. When I could rescue the poor who cried for help and the fatherless who had no one to help them. But now everyone mocks me."

No one helps me at all. I hurt so much. My body burns with fever and my skin grows black.

"If I have done wrong to anything or anyone, then send my punishment."

Then God spoke out of a storm. "What power or understanding or control to you have? Who do you control or have authority over? What wisdom fills your heart? Will one of you correct the Almighty? Let the one who accused God answer!"

My hands shook then my whole body shook. I hardly knew what to say. "I am unworthy--how can I answer you?"

I could hardly breathe. I'll have to finish telling you what happened next time.


1. What happened to Job
2. What did his friends do wrong?
3. What didn't Job understand?
4. Who was there the whole time, who knew Job's heart, who really cared?

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