Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Job-My Friends Came When I Needed Them

By Mary Vee
From Job 2

From the Notes of Eliphaz, Friend Of Job

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My name is Eliphaz, I am a Temanite. I have known Job for a long time. We've spent a lot of time with our other friends, Bildad who is a Shuhite and Zophar who is a Naamathite. We get together a lot and talk about all kinds of things. I'd say we four have a strong friendship.

A messenger came to us and said terrible things happened to our friend Job. All of his sheep, oxen, and donkeys were stolen, many of his servants killed by invading armies, and his children--all of them--died in a terrible wind storm.

I sent word to Bildad and Zophar to meet at my house.

"What can we do?" Bildad asked.

"Should we take him a meal?"

I nodded. "Yes that would be a good idea. But I think he will be too sad to eat."

"That's right. I heard he also has painful sores from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. The poor man must be in so much pain," said Zophar.

"Should we take a balm to sooth his pain?" asked Bildad.

"I don't know. If I were him, I think I would like to know my friends were close, but not have to talk to them," I said.

"Yes, that is exactly how I'd feel," said Zophar.

Bildad folded his hands and held them close to his lips. "I think we should go to Job and do what you said, We will sit there as long as he needs and not say a word unless he speaks first. We'll be there to comfort him as friends."

We set out on our journey to find Job. After quite a walk, we saw him from a distance. Usually we could recognize him right away, but not this time. I couldn't stop myself from weeping. Zophar and Bildad wept, too. 

We walked to him and tore our robes and sprinkled dust on our heads then sat on the ground with Job for seven days and seven nights. 

Not one of us said a word to him, because we saw how great his suffering was. Our poor, dear friend, Job. How could this have happened to you?


1. Name Job's three friends.
2. Did they live in the same neighborhood as Job?
3. What did they decide to do when they got together to talk about Job?
4. What did they do when they saw Job?

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