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Amy Carmichael-He Raised His Machete, Ready to Kill Me!

By Mary Vee
Year: July, 1894 
Amy Carmichael: 27 years old

From Amy's Journal

Photo Courtesy-a machete
My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary helping--well, at this point that is exactly what I am doing. I am helping.

Helping to unravel a big mess.

The three young female missionaries at the Ceylon mission had no clue what to do after their leaders died of malaria. They assumed God had sent me to take over the mission. 

I was the same age as they were and only had the fifteen months of missionary work in Japan to my name. And I had a fever. And I needed to rest before I did any work.

None of this mattered. The missionaries were still so excited to see me. They practically jumped up and down with every word I said. 

They took me to the mission and gave me food and drink. They showed me to a room where I could rest. They offered to get me anything I wanted. Anything!

I smiled. What else could I do? They were so sweet to me. When I woke, I found a tray of food waiting for me. I called the three women. "Tell me what you have been doing here at the mission."

While I ate, the missionaries told me about their work. "Most of the people who live near here practice Buddhism and speak Sinhalese. We three speak the language fluently."

"Good. Now, for the next few days, continue doing the work as before. By then I should feel well enough to help."

Smiles burst on their faces. "Yes, you rest. We will care for everything."

I knew they would. They had such love for the work and only needed some organization.

Days later I learned a lot more about the three missionary women. While we were cooking, a man barged into our house. He had a large machete in his hand and waved it in the air ready to chop one of us. 

"You told my wife to accept Jesus as her Savior!" 

Actually, they didn't. They explained God's love to his wife and she, on her own, chose to ask Jesus as her Savior.

I watched the three other missionaries and did what they did. We knelt on the floor, closed our eyes and prayed without saying a word to the man. After a prayer, I couldn't help looking to see where he went. He was standing right over me with the machete in the air, ready to come down on my head!

I closed my eyes again and prayed, "Dear God, please be merciful to me. I trust in you even in these dark shadows until all the trouble has passed."

I took a deep breath and found the courage to look at the man. Praise God, he was gone!

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