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Amy Carmichael-When One Becomes Two

By Mary Vee
Year: 1894 
Amy Carmichael: 27 years old

From Amy's Journal

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My name is Amy Carmichael. I am a missionary helping the Barclay Buxton family and other missionaries tell the people of Japan about the God who loves them.

I have been sick for a long time. At last I feel better. I'm not sure what is causing the pain. The doctor thinks it's the weather here in Japan. I'm just thankful that God is healing me.

While I lay in bed healing this last month, I spent my awake times praying. I asked Him to keep leading me everyday, to help me do His will, to help me honor Him in all I say and do. Then I prayed for the people of Japan. So many have never heard about Jesus. 

Every time I think about it, I just want to hop out of bed, run to the nearest city, and tell everyone I see about God's love. 

The day comes, at last. The doctor says I can go back to work, I call my translator, Misaki San to visit me. I am so happy when she arrives. "Misaki San, we simply must go back to Hirose tomorrow."

Her face lights up. "Wonderful news. I am so glad you feel better." 

The next day we hire a rickshaw to take us to Hirose. It is bitter cold out, and unlike a car, there is no glass to protect us from the wind. A rickshaw is kind of like a horse and carriage: bumpy with no protection from the weather. 

To distract me from the wild ride, I start a conversation with Misaki San. "While I rested this last month I prayed a lot."

"This is good."

"I asked God to give us two souls for this visit."

"Really? You realize that most missionaries are excited when one person believes in Jesus as their Savior after trying for a whole year."

"Yes. I remember," I say. But that doesn't mean we can't try.

"These people are very strong in their beliefs of Buddha, Amy. It will be difficult for them to understand something different."

"Yes, I know. But God can help the people understand."

"You're right. Who knows. Maybe God will save two souls today."

We arrive back in Hirose. Since this is my second visit, I know better where to go We pay the rickshaw driver and walk the same streets as last time. I see the weaver girl working on her project. 

She calls us over. "I've been so happy since Jesus is now in my life." She smiles and sets her work down. "I want you to speak with my friend. Do you have time?"

Of course we do. The weaver girl asks us to wait while she finds her friend. It doesn't take long before the two girls come back. The weaver girl introduces her friend. I greet her in the expected Japanese way then tell her all about Jesus. To my delight, she decides to believe in Jesus as her Savior. 

I am so excited. I remind the girls to visit with the Christians in the village. I tell them the names of the people and where they live. The weaver girl says she has already met the family and has been studying the Bible with them. 

Misaki San and I bowed to the girls and leave. The smiles I saw on their faces really warm my heart.

"Let's keep walking, Misaki San. Maybe there is a second person here, ready to hear about Jesus."

"All right." 

We walk to the end of the street then turned. An older woman walks to the front door of a home. I walked to her and say, "Do you have time to talk?"

Misaki San translates for me. The one woman looks at me then at Misaki San and says, "Yes. What would you like to talk about?" She welcomes us into her home and gives us tea. 

I tell her about the God who loves her, and that there is nothing we can do that is good enough to earn our way to heaven. Only God's Son is perfect and could pay the great price for our sins. She listens to me speak then to Misaki who translates in her language. When I ask her if she wants to accept God's gift of salvation, she says yes. I teach her how to pray.

A wonderful peace comes over her face. She seems so happy. I tell her about the Christian family in her city and where they live. "They can help you learn about God's Word." She says she wants to go and plans to visit them tomorrow.

The day ends and two souls have come to know Jesus as their Savior. Misaki San and I ride back to our homes. The cold doesn't bother me as much this time. How could it? The angels are rejoicing over two new souls!!

Come back next time. I have much more to share!

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