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Amy Carmichael-My First Voyage-Salty Sea and Storms

By Mary Vee
Year: 1893 
Amy Carmichael: 26 years old

From Amy's Journal

My name is Amy. 

I boarded the good ship SS Valetta for my very first voyage. At first, I simply watched the sea. Like you, I wasn't use to being surrounded by water, something I'd get to enjoy for the next several months. 

The first day at sea I was fascinated with the smells, the crew bustling around, the captain, the sea creatures leaping up from the water. Between all these sights and the excitement to finally be on my way to a new land as a missionary, I could hardly eat. 

After a few days of riding up and down, up and down, up an down I knew I had to find something to occupy my time to keep from getting sea sick. I offered to help the captain. The look on his face seemed to say, "What can you do?" He grinned and said, "Would you bring me a new Bible verse each day?"

How kind of him to think of the very thing I not only could do, but would be thrilled to do. The two missionary ladies who sailed on the same ship joined me in a Bible study. We invited all the passengers and crew. Because of the Bible study, I was able to help a man accept Jesus as his Savior. The first person of my new missionary life. Can you imagine how excited I felt?

We sailed into the Mediterranean Sea. Horrible storms brewed and shook the ship so much many of the passengers thought they would die. The Apostle Paul was also caught in a terrible storm on the Mediterranean. Other missionaries have told about scary ship rides through this sea. Some used their faith to remember God would take care of them. Others cried out in fear.

I had remembered these things as the shipped rolled and tipped to the side. The crew ran from one mast to another caring for the sails. The rains pelted the deck, stinging drops hit our heads and backs. The captain barked his orders and had every word obeyed immediately. Through all of this, God gave me peace. I knew we would be safe. 

Suez Canal, Egypt. early 1900s.
Goodyear Archival Collection. 
Brooklyn Museum
One of my favorite parts of the trip was sailing through the Suez Canal. You simply must go some day. Many workers took ten years to build a canal for ships to have a shorter journey to India and the far east. Look at the map at the top. Can you see how much longer the trip would have been if we had to sail around Africa? Too long!

Days later, our ship docked at a British port in India. All the passengers and crew went ashore to take a break from the trip. I couldn't believe how different everything looked from my home in England. 

Come back next time. I have much more to share!

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