Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jeremiah-Why God Asked Jeremiah to Wear a Yoke

By Mary Vee
Jeremiah 27

From Jeremiah's Journal

Photo Courtesy - Jeremiah wearing a yoke
God likes to show the people what He wants to tell them. As a prophet, called by God, He has asked me to show this new message to help them understand. My name is Jeremiah.

King Josiah sadly died in battle. After his death, his son Zedekiah took over the throne. 

God had promised long ago that a great punishment would come to the people because they wouldn't stop worshipping idols. While Josiah was king, though, God sad He would not bring the punishment because Josiah worshipped God.

Zedekiah hadn't been a king for very long before God sent me a message. He asks me to make a yoke. A yoke is a piece of wood placed over an animal's neck. Look at the picture. 

Next God asked me to send a message to the kings of Edom, Moab, Ammon, Tyre, and Sidon. I was to give the message to the ambassadors from these countries who had come to live in Jerusalem. 

God's message was this: Every country is to be under the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar. God has given him charge over every country. 

If every country obeys and willingly does what King Nebuchadnezzar says, they we will all be able to stay in our lands, live in our homes, farm our land. 

But any country that chooses to rebel against King Nebuchadnezzar will famine, plagues, and the sword. 

Don't listen to your prophets and counselors who say you don't have to serve King Nebuchadnezzar, because destruction will surely come to you. 

Those who obey and allow King Nebuchadnezzar to rule their country will remain in their own land.

I also gave the message to Zedekiah, king of Judah. I told the temple priests. Everyone heard the message sent by God. They have been all warned.

But not everyone listened. 

Come back next time to see what happened.

1. Why does God have His prophets sometimes show the people His message?
2. Jeremiah is a _________________
3. What did God ask Jeremiah to do?
4. What message did God have for Edom, Moab, Ammon, Tyre, and Sidon?
5. Who else did Jeremiah tell the message to?
6. When he finished telling the message, what did some of the people do?

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