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Amy Carmichael-A Special Science Chemical

By Mary Vee
Year: 1880 
Amy Carmichael: 13 year old

From Amy's Journal

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Going to school at a boarding house wasn't all bad. Boring. Dull. All right, the school needed some good old fashioned fun. Things like what I use to do with my brothers.

Stay up late.
Toss pillows.


One day we learned about the Great Comet. According to scientists, it would pass over they city that same night.

The other girls in my room thought I should be the one to ask if we could stay up to see the comet. It was an honor I didn't really want. Since no one else would ask, I finally did.

"No, you may not," said Miss Kay. "Young ladies do not stay up late for any reason."

"Oh, please, Miss Kay. It would only be this one time. If we stayed up late we could tell the younger girls what it felt like. And years from now, when we are married, we could teach our children all about the comet. Of course we'd give you all the credit."

"Don't be ridiculous. I run a good school. You and the other girls will go to bed at the normal time.

Amy walked back up the stairs. "Sorry. I tried."

The girls sat on the ends of their beds and pouted. Amy couldn't stand it. "Wait I have an idea. I'll stay awake until the time then wake each of you. We'll sneak up to the attic, watch the comet then sneak back to bed."

"Amy," said one girl, "that's a brilliant idea." She turned to the other girls. "And we all promise to not be sleepy tomorrow, right?"

The other girls giggled and cheered.

After supper and homework, we were told to turn out the lights. We obeyed. 

I worked very hard to stay awake. I said stories in my head. Remembered fun things my brothers and I did. And soon, the clock showed the right time. I woke the other girls reminding them to be very quiet.

We sneaked up to the attic. Guess who we saw? 

Yeah. All the teachers huddled in the attic watching for the comet. 

We blended in the back of the group, hoping they wouldn't notice and stared up at the sky at the most amazing sight ever. The comet burst across the black like fire. I'll never forget it.

As soon as the comet left, we sneaked down to our rooms.

I think back to this time and wonder how I could have been so silly to believe the teachers wouldn't notice us there. 

The next morning I was called to the office. The teachers knew what we did and that I had talked the other girls into going to the attic when we should have been in bed.

I thought for sure I would be expelled. My parents would be so disappointed.

Instead, I had a punishment, but was forgiven and not sent home.

While I was at the boarding houses, a preacher came and told us about God and His forgiveness. I never knew before that God loved me or forgave me for all the wrong things I did. But I learned then.

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