Saturday, January 3, 2015

Daniel-The Dream That Brought Death

By Mary Vee
Daniel 2

From Daniel's Journal

The soldiers marched through the corridors. It was a horrible sound. A deathly sound.

Not long ago, I had been take from my parents' home in Judah and forced to work for the king of Babylon.

God has led me here for a reason. I'm not sure what it is, but I wouldn't think it would be to die at a young age in the palace of a notorious king. 

My three friends who had also been taken as boys from their home in Judah came to my room and spoke in our Hebrew language. "Who are the soldiers after?"

They trembled. We all knew of the king's power. One raise of his hand could signal the death of any person for any reason.

"I'm going to ask."

The three grabbed my arm. "You can't go out there."

"If they want us, they are going to find us. No use hiding. We may as well ask what the problem is. Maybe we can help."

"Daniel," said Shadrach. "We will stand together no matter what happens. Whatever God asks us to do, we will do."

I agreed with him then opened the door and let the commander of the king's guard see me. "Arioch, what's going on?"

"The king has issued a decree saying all the wise men should be put to death. That includes you and your friends."

"What caused him to say this?"

"The king had a dream last night. He called for all his usual astrologers, sorcerers, magicians and not only asked them to interpret the dream, but he also wanted them to tell him what he dreamed. They, of course, couldn't. He became angry. And decreed all wise men be put to death."

I thought about his words for a moment. There had to be an answer other than killing all the wise men. Then a bold idea came to me. I'm sure it was from God. "Arioch, before we are led to our death, could I speak with the king for just a moment? Maybe I can reason with him."

"I will take you, but I make no promises."


The commander of the king's guard led me to the king's chambers. "Oh king, Daniel request to speak with you."

The king's face turned from red and angry to questioning. "All right. He has proven himself to me in the past. He may have one chance."

The commander allowed me to walk closer to speak. "What is the problem, sire?"

"I had a dream last night that bothered me terribly. I want it interpreted. Prove you can give me the correct interpretation by first telling me the dream."

Only God could do such a thing. "All right, sire. Give me some time so I may interpret the dream for you."

"Very well. You have until this time tomorrow." 

1. Who marched in the corridor?
2. Who did they want?
3. Why?
4. Who hid in Daniel's room and why?
5. What did Daniel ask the guard?
6. What did the king say?

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