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Hudson Taylor-Well Done Good and Faithful Servant of Mine

By Mary Vee
Year: 1902-1905 
Hudson Taylor: age 70-73

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

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In the last years, I have had many illnesses. I'm now seventy years old and truly want to carry on with the work God has given me.

Sometimes I just feet so tired. Like Elijah who laid down in the wilderness too exhausted to eat or drink. God posted an angel right by his side, waking him--giving him food and drink, letting him sleep then waking him again to give him food and drink again. God nursed Elijah back to health in the last days of his ministry like he has for me.

My wife, Jennie and I took a trip to Switzerland and settled in a little village called Chevalleyres on the northern edge of Lake Geneva. We took relaxing day trips by rail and steamer to see the beautiful countryside. 

I took along a camera and photographed flowers and stars, studying the tiny details God gave them. 

My eyes have grown tired and won't let me read much, but God has helped me read through His Word for the fortieth time in forty years. Such precious words.

In July of 1903, my sweet Jennie became extremely ill. She whispered to me, "No pain. No pain." I knew she didn't hurt. That helped--a little. But then she said, "Ask Him to take me quickly."

I didn't want to. But, then my sweet Jennie needed to be with Jesus instead of me. I prayed, "Dear Father, free her waiting spirit." Five minutes later she left me and went into the arms of Jesus.

1905 came. In the spring time, my heart ached to go to China and see the wonderful people there. This was my eleventh trip. I visited places that once never had missionaries and now had many workers telling the people of China that God loves them.

On June 3, the mission held a wonderful reception for me. I had so much fun speaking with the missionaries, but in truth, I was also exhausted. I didn't feel well either. When the party ended, I went upstairs to rest.

The rest of these words are written now by me, Howard. I am Hudson's son and a doctor. The nurse tucked my father into bed, making sure he was warm and comfortable. She sat on the chair next to his bed and talked with him about the pictures in the Missionary Review magazine, something Dad had been looking at. 

Dad took a sudden breath and lapsed into unconsciousness. She shouted for me to come. I ran to his room in time to see my father breathe his last breath and go into the arms of his heavenly Master Whom he had faithfully served for more than fifty years.

When I think of all the people my dad has shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with, I know in my heart God is saying...well done good and faithful servant of mine.

J. Hudson Taylor and Howard Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
So Very Blessed by God

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