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Hudson Taylor-Thousands Watched the Cambridge Seven Leave

By Mary Vee
Year: 1885 
Hudson Taylor: age 53

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes
Cambridge Seven Part 4

Cambridge University Photo Courtesy

We often need to remember that our parents love us and will do what they feel is necessary to take care of us.

C.T. Studd's mother had great hopes for her son to become a wealthy young man and to carry on the family name in a way that would make everyone proud.

She didn't expect her son to sell everything he had and sign up to become a missionary to China. 

She'd tried to her best to give him a comfortable journey. She even sent ahead wonderful items to make his new room cozy and comfortable. 

I felt sorry for her. She only wanted to take care of her son. After he left home, she wrote another letter to Jennie. "I'm sorry to bother you. I really must know what else could be sent for C.T. You see, he has barely taken any clothing. I don't know how he will survive. Please answer my letter as soon as you possibly can."

Mrs. Studd loved her son very much and realized she couldn't change his desire to go to China. After he and his friends went to meet their ship, she wrote Jennie again, asking for her to come to teach the family how to set up prayer meetings.

Mrs. Studd wasn't the only one who truly loved the Cambridge Seven. The night before their ship sailed, 3,5000 people gathered for a farewell meeting. There were no special seats for the wealthy. No reserved boxes. They all came and listened to the speaker, Stanley Smith, and were touched by the words:

"We do not go to that far field to teach this or that doctrine. We go to tell of a living, present, and reigning Christ who loves them. For years we have lived in England, enjoying what we had in Jesus when there were millions of people who had never heard of Him. We cannot tell you that a vision or dream sends us to China, but we can say the needs of those who don't know Jesus prevent us from staying in England...."

The huge gathering that night became headline news throughout every English speaking country in the world. Because of these seven men, many heard about the needs of millions who have not heard of God's love.

On February 5, the seven men set sail, traveling second class which has been described as good only for servants and dogs. Together, they planned to take the good news of God's love to the people of China.

Do you remember this whole story started with Dwight L Moody speaking at a conference of thousands of mocking students at Cambridge University? One brave man spoke. Seven brave men went.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
So Very Blessed by God

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