Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Habakkuk Asks God the Question We All Want To Know

By Mary Vee

From Habakkuk's Journal

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My name is Habakkuk and I am a prophet of the living God of Israel.

My heart broke when I heard the news..

I knew the people of Israel would be punished. God said so. What He says, comes true.

I had questions that burned in my heart. 

*I wanted to know why God would use the evil nation of Babylon to bring the punishment against His own people.

*Why do the wicked get rich, usually by taking from others.

*Why does evil exist at all?

Maybe I shouldn't ask. I should just know that whatever God chooses to do is right. And, I do believe this to be true. 

Still in my heart, I really wanted to know. I didn't understand.

I don't want to disrespect. Is it wrong to ask God questions if we do it to learn, and understand more about Him?

Maybe this question burns in my heart because God wants me to ask. Surely the God who created us and loves us wants us to ask our questions, respectfully, of course.

So I went to God, and asked my questions. 

And do you know what?

He answered me. 

God said evil, no matter where it is found, always has the seeds of its own distraction, like a plant has seeds to make more of the same kind of plant. He said the nation of Judah's sins have brought on the punishment they would receive. He also said, it didn't matter who delivered his punishment, only that it would happen. The one delivering the punishment may be good or evil.

It the nation delivering the punishment is evil, God said, they, too, will face their own destruction.

Only the good, the truly righteous have life. 

Sin always brings death.

The answers made sense to me. I hope they make sense to you, too.

Remember: God wants you to ask questions (they must be done with respect, though)
Also, remember, God is fair. Whoever sins will be punished.

1. Habakkuk was a ______________
2. What broke Habakkuk's heart?
3. What questions did Habakkuk have?
4. Are we allowed to ask God questions?
5. If yes, how? If no, why not?
6. What did God say to Habakkuk?
7. What did Habakkuk think about God's message?

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