Wednesday, November 26, 2014

God is Thankful for You

By Mary Vee

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Here in America, we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend.

We talk about the pilgrims and the first thanksgiving, share with each other what we are thankful for, and enjoy a wonderful meal.

Most of us get the day off of work and have fun spending time with family.

Those who love God also spend the day thanking Him for what He has given them. Psalms of thanksgiving are read and sang. 

But there is a different side of the story.

Like a coin with two sides, there is another side to this one.

God is thankful for you.

It's true!

God made you.

God chose 
your eye color, 
your hair color, 
how tall you would be, 
the color of your skin, etc. 

He also designed your vocal chords and had you grow up in the place where you would learn the language you speak, figure out how to laugh just the way you do, sing (maybe off key to you and others--but not to Him).

God gave you someone to take care of you

God did not invite sin to your life. Unfortunately, sin is all around us. And because sin is here:

God weeps with you
dreams with you
hopes with you

He even sent His Son to pay the punishment for all your sins so you could see the way to heaven and one day live with Him there.

God loves you.

Did you know He sings songs for you?
He laughs with you
He tells stories to help you understand
He is patient with you
He listens to you
He guides you when you need to make a decision
He protects you
He stands up for you

Now that the list is started, what else does God do for you? 

Today is not only a day to be thankful for what you have but also to know that God is thankful for you and cares very much for you.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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