Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jeremiah-Who Should We Believe?

By Mary Vee
Jeremiah 4-7

From the Journals of the prophet Jeremiah

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Sometimes it is much easier to listen to people who say what we want to hear.

I have been warning the people of Judah about the terrible army that would come and take over our cities. 

God also told me to warn the people about the bad prophets. The ones who keep saying nothing will happen. Everything is fine. 

Everything is not fine. So many men and women still worship the false idols and don't obey God's commands.

God has given the men and women of Judea many chances to say they are sorry and to worship Him. He told me to warn them that a terrible punishment is coming. I do. Then a short time later, one of the bad prophets tells the people not to worry.

And they believe the bad prophets!

Why? The answer is simple. We, as people, always hope for the easy answer. We want to know we won't get in trouble for disobeying.


An army from the north will come. The homes and businesses will be destroyed. The Judean people will be taken away and forced to be slaves in a far away place where their masters speak a language they cannot understand.

When I talk with the men and women, I see the confusion on their face. They don't know who to believe.

The answer is simple. If you believe the person who says you can keep doing wrong and not get in trouble, you are listening to the wrong person. He is not a real prophet.

God said, "Change your ways and your actions and I will let you live in this place. Do not trust in the lying words spoken by others. If you really change your ways and actions and treat each other justly and don't follow other gods, then I will let you live in this place. The land I gave your forefathers."

Do you think they will listen?

1. Who is the prophet in this story?
2. What did God say will happen to the people of Judea?
3. Who are the people listening to?
4. Why are the people confused?
5. What does God want the people of Judea to do?

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