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Hudson Taylor-God Will Always Give What We Need

By Mary Vee
Year: April 1882-1883 
Hudson Taylor: age 51

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

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I understand men and women in England don't think of the ministry here in China on a regular basis. We all think of the place we're in are most.

As a result there are times when we here in China receive many funds to support the work and times we receive very little.

This may seem odd to you, but during the time I lived, we didn't have cell phones or computers. The only way to get mail that carried news or money was by ship. And a ship took three months to get from England to China.

So when we had barely enough money to buy food, and prayed for help, we were asking God for something that had to happen months ago. The great thing about our God, is He can handle dealing with things ahead. He knew we would be in need right now. He knew we would pray and ask for help. And He knew that months ago. So He would have put in someone's heart to send money before we even asked!

God doesn't always answer our prayers the way we imagine. He likes to make us laugh and surprise us with special gifts. 

One day a missionary friend, Mr. Parrott and I were walking in a field. We talked and prayed to God about the need for more missionaries and funds to keep the work here in China going. As we walked, Mr. Parrott's foot hit something in the grass. He bent down and picked up a bag of coins.

"See! See what I found!!" He tossed the bag from one hand to the other. "If we have come to the hills to ask God for help, He is able to give us all the money we need."

I really needed that encouragement. In truth, I've been so tired lately. My sweet wife, Jennie, went back to England to take care of some things. I never fully recovered from dysentery. I am lonely. I'm not the young man here in China I once was. And although I understand the importance of being here, I think others need to take over. I'd like to go home.***

I am ready to go back to England.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
So Very Blessed by God

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***Author's note: This story reminded me of the the prophet Elijah who gave his life working and doing God's will. When he grew older he became tired. He was afraid of Jezebel and ran away to hide. There, God sent an angel to give him food and drink. Elijah rested. I think Hudson Taylor is going through the same thing, don't you?

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