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The Fall and Rise of Kings

By Mary Vee
II Kings 21 and II Chronicles 33

From the Journals of Josiah

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My grandfather, King Manasseh died and was given an honorable burial in the gardens of Uzza. 

I'd heard about the terrible things he'd done when he first ruled Judah and his time as a prisoner in Babylon.

Grandfather saw what he'd done wrong and wept before God. He tried to undo the bad and show his change of heart by getting rid of the idols and telling the people of Judah to worship God like He had started to do, but a lot of the damage had been done. Men and women continued to worship in the high places.

When grandfather died, his son Amon became king of Judah. Apparently my father, King Amon, preferred the old days when everyone worshiped idols. During the time he ruled he never changed. He became angry and yelled. He worshiped all the old idols that Grandfather use to have.

My father didn't live very long. I don't know if the people weren't happy with him or if it was because he never seemed to love God or respect Him. He became king at twenty-two years old and only ruled two years.

I'll never forget the day when several of father's officials came into the palace pretending to want to talk with him about an important matter. They ganged up on him and killed him. 

I know my father didn't follow the laws of God and had been a bad king. I think I even understand why the officials ganged up on him. I am only eight years old and very confused.

The guards and citizens from the kingdom surrounded the officials and everyone else involved in my father's murder and killed them.

The priest held a huge ceremony before all the people to crown me king. 

1. How did Josiah know Manasseh?
2. Who became king after Manasseh?
3. What kind of a king was he? 
4. What happened to Josiah's father?
5. How old was Josiah?
6. Why did the priest have a huge ceremony before all the people?

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