Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Manasseh-My Shame

By Mary Vee
II Chronicles 33

From the Journals of Manasseh

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I have  been walking for last several days. My feet hurt. As king of Judah I never thought such terrible things would happen to me.

My father, King Hezekiah, loved God with all his heart, soul, and mind. I thought he was crazy for devoting his life to God.

After my dad died, I listened to my friends instead of my father's advisors and the prophets. 

My father had spent his life getting rid of the idols throughout our country. My friends, though, said we needed to bring then all back. By telling the men, women, and children to worship the same gods as those countries around us, we would win the other country's favor and be safe.

I was young and didn't know what to do. I had never loved the God my father worshiped so I listened to my friends. We rebuilt all the gods. I had them placed everywhere even in the temple and the temple courts. The people seemed happy and willing to bow down to these gods. Everything seemed fine.

Until the prophet Isaiah walked through the streets yelling something about not bowing down to the idols. I didn't worry too much. No one listened to him.

Then one day the Assyrian army attacked.  They came like a swarm of bees out of no where. We had no warning to prepare. The soldiers shoved their way into Jerusalem and captured all the important people. The very people who had been used to riding in style and dressing in the best clothes now walked the streets with their hands and feet tied.  

I hid, but it didn't do any good. The army commanders searched the city until they found me. My friends, the soldiers, no one could save me. The Assyrians took me prisoner and put a hook in my nose. It hurt so much. They put bronze shackles on me. I couldn't hardly move but the Assyrian commanders made me walk. For days. With little food.

I was alone.

The guards yelled at me.

I hurt. Was hungry. Thirsty. 

I looked at the the last of Judah's land as the soldiers dragged me away. I honestly didn't think I would ever see it again. 

This was the first time I really cried and felt totally hopeless. Everything was lost. The people of Judah had become slaves. 

And as the king, I will probably be killed. 

1. Why did Manasseh's feet hurt?
2. Who was Manasseh's father?
3. What did Manasseh's father do with the idols?
4. What did Manasseh do with the idols?
5. What message did God give the people?
6. Did the people listen.
7. What happened to them?
8. What happened to Manasseh?

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