Saturday, September 6, 2014

Manasseh-From King to Slave in One Morning

By Mary Vee
II Chronicles 33

From the Journals of Manasseh

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The soldiers pushed and pulled me to walk faster. We had walked for days and my legs were tired.

My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and my nose stung from the hook the soldiers put through my nose.

They wouldn't talk to me. They didn't even talk to each other. There have been many times I had wished the people of Judah would leave me alone, even for five minutes. Now I wish I could be with them.

I didn't know how far we had to walk before we would get to Babylon. The nights were cold and no one gave me a blanket. I didn't have any servants. Instead, I had gone from king to slave in one morning.

With all the quiet, except when the soldiers yelled at me to walk faster, I thought about my dad, King Hezekiah, and his strong desire to get rid of all the idols. He spent a lot of time praying to God and he listened to the prophets. While Dad was alive, we did well. I see that now. 

Maybe he was right all along. 

We finally arrived in Babylon. Everything looked strange. The people spoke a different language and I couldn't understand them. They shoved me when I didn't understand where I needed to go. 

That night. My first night in Babylon. I finally understood. God had helped Judah so very much when my dad ruled, but let the Assyrians take us as prisoners when I led them away from worshiping God.

What have I done? I have ruined everything.

When at last the guards left me alone, tied in a prison cell, I called out to God and begged for His forgiveness. I had disobeyed the only true God who lives and had led the people away from HIm. I fell to the floor and wept. God deserved to be worshiped and offered what praise I could. I didn't have anything to give Him anymore--except my life and dedication.

Some time later a prophet told me God had heard my prayers. God listened to everything I said and saw I meant every word. 

I lost track of the days in prison, but one day a guard came to my cell. I didn't know if he planned to kill me or torture me. No matter what would happen I deserved it for what I had done. The guard spoke in my language! He said the king of Assyria had decided to let me return to Jerusalem and the kingdom.

I returned to the city and ran to the palace. I walked through every room then ran to the temple. There I sensed God's presence and knew the Lord is God. I had never sensed such a clean feeling in my heart before.

1. Where did the soldiers take Manasseh?
2. Why did they take him there?
3. What was the journey like for Manasseh?
4. What did Manasseh want to have back?
5. What did Manasseh do with the quiet time?
6. When Manasseh was thrown in jail, what did he do?
7. Who heard him?
8. What happened to Manasseh?

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