Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jeremiah-There is only One God

By Mary Vee
Jeremiah 1-3

From the Journals of the prophet Jeremiah

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King Josiah is currently the king of Judah. He is about twenty-one years old. 

I have been a prophet during the time of several kings. God trusts me with His message to take to the people. And as He commands, I, Jeremiah, obey and tell the people what He said.

God hasn't been happy with what the people are doing and what they aren't doing. These are the things that are bothering God:

"I remember how you once dedicated yourselves to me and showed you loved me. In the desert you followed my cloud in the day and the fire at night. Israel was one nation and holy to the Lord. Anyone who attacked you had disaster overtake them.

"What caused your fathers to walk away from me? What reason did they have to worship worthless idols that cannot speak or do anything. 

"I brought you into a land with rich soil ready to produce crops. But rather than stay with me you walked away and listened to the wicked priests who worshiped Baal. 

"There is no other nation that has turned away from their god-their false god, to worship one from another nation. You, Israel, have walked away from me-traded your faithfulness to Me, the One who has given and done so much for you-- to worship the gods of other nations. 

"Long ago you said you would not serve me. You say, 'I love foreign gods and must go after them.' Do you realize how foolish you are? You say to a piece of wood, 'You are my father.' Yet--when you are in trouble you say "Come and save us!'

"I say, Where then are your gods? Let them come save you. You, my people, have forgotten me, days without number.

"And now you say, 'I am innocent. God is not angry with me.' But you are wrong. I will bring a punishment on you because you have said, 'I have not sinned.'

"Egypt and Assyria will not save you. The rains will not come. Still you won't admit you have been wrong. You show a smile that is made of plastic and your hearts are as empty as the false idols you worship."

"Israel has done wrong, too. But as far as I am concerned, the faith that Israel does not have is better than the unfaithful people of Judah."

What the people need to do is say they are sorry and do what is right. God promises to forgive.

1. Who is king?
2. Who did God give this message to for the people?
3. Name the problems God said the people of Judah had.
4. Who did Judah go to for help instead of God?
5. Will they help Judah?

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