Saturday, August 30, 2014

Manasseh-Learning Lessons the Hard Way

By Mary Vee
II Kings 19 and II Chronicles 32-33

From the Journals of Isaiah

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Some people just have to learn lessons the hard way.

God did punish Sennacherib as He said He would. Remember, Sennacherib was the bully who picked on King Hezekiah? 

The bully became frightened and took his army home to Assyria. 

One day, while King Senacherib was worshiping his god Nisroch in a temple made special for this idol, his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer sneaked in behind him and thrust their swords into him, killing him.

Not wanting to be caught by any of their father's army, the two boys ran as fast as they could to get away. They kept running out of the city and west, to the land of Ararat. 

Their brother, Esarhaddon, took over as king of Assyria.

In the meantime, the Lord continued to send messages to Manasseh and his people to stop worshiping idols, but they wouldn't listen. I delivered every message God gave me. Trust me, He loved them very much and wanted to give them every possible chance to change from their wicked ways.

Since the people of Jerusalem and Judah kept worshipping idols and ignoring the Almighty God who had rescued them so many times, He had to give them the punishment.

The Assyrian army regrouped and marched toward Judah. They showed their power by taking the wealthy, smart, and beautiful people from Judah as prisoners. They dragged them away from their homes and forced them to walk for days to Assyria where the people of Judah became slaves. 

The Assyrian commanders took King Manasseh prisoner. They put a hook in his nose and put bronze chains on him. He had to walk in shame all the way to Assyria. Manasseh cried out, begging for mercy but the commanders didn't listen.

Many men, women, and children from Judea were also taken that day. They were frightened, but not yet sorry for disobeying God. The army was very cruel to them, pulling them away from their families, putting their hands and feet in chains, and beating them.

Not all of the men, women, and children were taken at this time. The smart, rich, and important people were taken captive at this time. The Assyrian army left the poor to take care of things.

I was sorry to see them cry, but in truth, God had warned them and they refused to listen. Hopefully they will cry out to God and say they are sorry soon. If not. They will have to wait the seventy years God said they would have to wait.

Sigh. If only they had listened and obeyed God.

1. Who is Sennacherib?
2. What was Sennacherib doing in the temple?
3. What did his two sons do?
4. Why did his sons run away?
5. What was going on in Judah (What was God doing?)
6. What didn't the people of Jerusalem do? (God asked them to do this)
7. What happened to them?

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