Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Man Who Loved God More Than Himself

By Mary Vee
Isaiah 22

From the Journals of Isaiah

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In the palace of Hezekiah, king of Judah, there was a servant name Shebna. 

Shebna had a high position, he was a steward. 

Hezekiah trusted Shebna, gave him many important tasks, and put him in charge of the palace.

While doing these important jobs, Shebna became selfish. He wanted people to know exactly how important he was, and he wanted everyone to remember him forever.

God gave him his wish, but not exactly the way he wanted.

Shebna ordered the workers who served him to cut out a grave in the high place. The servants did special chiseling to make the grave look important. 

With such a grave, everyone in all of Judah would see his resting place after he died and always remember how important he was.

Hah. God did not agree with this plan. Only God is to be remembered in this way. Shebna had disgraced Hezekiah's palace by doing this. Hezekiah, the king who had honored God's name and served Him with his whole heart.

I told Hezekiah what God said. Hezekiah called Shebna in and fired him. Shebna lost all the riches and power, and the special burial place he ordered his workers to make.

How did God give Shebna his wish? This story is recorded in the book Isaiah for everyone to read and know. Yes Shebna is remembered, but not the way he wanted. 

Hezekiah appointed Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah to take Shebna's place. Eliakim loved God and worked hard to honor God. Eliakim wore the special robe and sash that once belonged to Shebna. All of Shebna's authority now belonged to Eliakim, a man who truly loved God more than himself.

1.  What job did Shebna have?
2.  What did he do wrong and why was that wrong?
3.  What  was important to Shebna?
4.  How did God give Shebna his wish?
5.  Who did God give Shebna's job to?
6.  Why did God give this man Shebna's job?

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