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Hudson Taylor- God's Way of Healing

By Mary Vee
Year: April 1879 
Hudson Taylor: age 46

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

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China Inland Mission needed someone with a strong faith in Christ and a belief that God would supply all our needs to be in charge. Not many people wanted this job. And the few who did were missing important skills.

Although I had the funds to leave for China now, I needed someone who could do my job in England before I left. 

Has someone offered to help you with a job, or say they will do the work for you? You come back later and see the job is done wrong or so different you have fix it or you get in trouble? Yes, this is how I feel. But sometimes a person asks to help and they do a great job. This is what I want. Please pray that God shows me the right person to do my work in England.

God answered! He sent Benjamin Broomhall to take over the job as secretary, which is a huge job and Theodore Howard as advisor. John McCarthy took over China's Millions magazine.

I felt much better knowing the work in England will be done well by these men. I bought my ticket for China, packed my bags, and set sail with other missionaries. 

Passenger ships were not the cleanest. I tried to do what I could to stay healthy but still became sick. That's when I discovered I didn't have my medicine trunk. Somehow it was never put on the ship. I prayed, asking God to please heal me.

Our ship stopped in Hong Kong for supplies. The crew also brought on board a bag of mail sent from the England office. In the stack of mail was a letter from my sweet wife, Jennie. Reading her words helped me more than medicine.

Jennie heard I left England. She found other people to take care of the women and children's home and traveled to Shanghai to meet me. She arrived a month early but didn't sit around waiting for me arrive. She found work helping wherever office people needed her.

I landed in Shanghai in April and went straight to the mission office. The building seemed too small for all the missionaries we have now. We needed a bigger building to let new missionaries rest, learn the language, and train before going to their work in the villages.

We prayed and asked God to supply our needs. And knew He would at the right time.

The trip, a terrible sickness called dysentery, and all the work waiting for me seemed too much for me. Jennie said I looked really sick and told me we needed to go somewhere to let me rest and get well. And she was right. With the summer heat coming in a month, I needed to be in good health.

We went to a beautiful place call Yantai. Look for the red arrow pointing to Yantai on the map.

Hah, it was all God's plan. Wait till next time when I can share what God did in Yantai!

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
So Very Blessed by God

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