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Hudson Taylor-The Humble Leader Watched Them

By Mary Vee
Year: April 1878 
Hudson Taylor: age 45

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

Jennie, my wife, wrote me this letter from China:

"Oh, Hudson, I am so very thankful for the one thousand pounds given to our group to use for the needy here in China. I've never seen so many hungry people.

The rains hadn't come in a long time. Men and women ate whatever they could find. They had no money to buy food. 

Their bodies didn't have the strength to fight off the fever spreading from one person to another. The other women missionaries and I and worked long hours to do our best,

We rejoiced when the rains came for the crops. I didn't stop to think about all the bugs that would come with the rain. The bugs brought new diseases, terrible ones.

So many children were left without parents. I set up an orphanage for the boys and girls. The women and I fed them, gave them a place to rest and medicine, we taught them Bible stories and other lessons. Their sweet smiles made me so happy. 

Once the orphanage ran smoothly, I opened a home for women who had no where to go. We taught them job skills.

You know George Easton. He found clothing for the people, five hundred pieces of clothing! And when George King heard the children didn't have clothes, he sent one thousand, four hundred sets of clothes suitable for the boys and girls.

I didn't escape coming down with cholera. Suffering with the disease didn't bother me half so much as not being able to carry on the work while I lay in bed.  

You know how Chinese leaders were angry when we came to China. I simply must tell you, Hudson, they have been very kind this time. One of our missionaries ladies died from the terrible disease going around. Little did we know the Chinese official heard the news. He told other officials. One senior Chinese official came to us and said, 'there must be something in a faith which causes the foreign gentlemen to come to China and freely risk their lives, and even give up their for the people of China.'

His words made me so happy. Truly the love of God can be seen in the devoted, loving lives of the the missionaries here in China. 

Your Loving,

I received another letter, this time from Alexander Wylie a missionary with another group. He said, "Among the earliest volunteer workers in China were those from your China Inland Mission. There is one person of such noble character that I think everyone ought to know. I mean the conduct of the heroic lady Mrs. Taylor."

I wasn't surprised. Jennie is such a giving woman, totally dedicated to God.

Hearing that the Chinese leader humbled himself to be grateful for a foreign missionary who was also a woman, this truly blessed my heart. Maybe, someday, he too will see God's love for him.

Praise God for His blessings.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
So Very Blessed by God 

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