Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Uzziah's Big Mistake

By Mary Vee
II Kings 15, II Chronicles 26

From the Journals of Priest Azariah

One of the other priests noticed king Uzziah walking to the temple. This seemed a bit strange.

Uzziah has been a strong man of God, leading the country of Judah to worship Him. 

We have experienced great prosperity. Buildings have been built. Our armies have been strengthened. Everything has gone so well.

Why king Uzziah is going into the temple baffles me. I sent for the other priests to meet with me.

It took a little time but eight priests gathered around me. "Do any of you know why king Uzziah is in the temple?"

"No," they responded. But he isn't allowed to offer incense on the altar of incense. We better go see what he is doing.

"I agree," I said. "You realize that any priest who goes with me is risking his life by questioning the king?"

The group nodded and stood strong. I led the willing priests into the temple where we found Uzziah preparing to burn incense on the altar of incense.

"King Uzziah."

He turned around abruptly with a guilty look on his face.

"It is not right for you, Uzziah, to burn incense to the Lord. That is for the priests, the descendants of Aaron, who have been consecrated to burn incense to do." I held my arm out and pointed to the door. "Leave the sanctuary, for you have been unfaithful. You will not be honored by the Lord God."

King Uzziah held the censor tight in his hand. "What right have you to tell me what to do?" 

The king yelled for a few minutes at us and while he raged, leprosy sores broke out on his forehead. I and the other priests stepped back and gasped.

"What? What's wrong?" the king yelled.

"Leprosy, my Lord. We must get you out of here at once." I nodded to a few other priests to help me lead the king out of the temple and to his chamber in the palace. 

"Hurry," the king shouted. "Get me out of here before something else happens to me."

The doctors used every means to comfort the king. King Uzziah was taken to a separate house where he lived until his last days. He never was able to return to the temple.

His son, Jotham, helped reign the country of Judah until Uzziah breathed his last breath.

1. Who saw Uzziah enter temple?
2. Why was Uzziah doing?
3. Why was he not allowed to do that?
4. Uzziah listened--did not listen to instructions to leave the temple.
5. What happened to Uzziah?

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