Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jonah-Inside the Belly of Nineveh

by Mary Vee
Jonah 3

From Jonah's Crinkled Journal

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I had crossed the Euphrates River, journeyed on to the Tigres River then separated from the caravan I'd joined several months ago. 

The short trip across the Tigres River left me only a few steps from the city walls of Nineveh. The sight was breathtaking. I'd never seen such a large city. God told me to bring a message to these people. It would take me days to walk through the city streets and tell everyone Sigh.

The city gates were still open when I arrived. I walked through with a group of merchants and stepped to the side to let them pass. The buildings rose above my head like a garden of giants. Crowds bustled across the streets. The chatter seemed too loud for me to gain anyone's attention.

Still. I didn't want to end up in another fish. Or to be tossed outside the city beaten to a pulp.

I moved between a group of people to the center of two streets. A large fountain with statues spilling water into the bowls below seemed like a logical place to stand. Three steps led the way up to the cool waters.

I climbed to the top step and scooped a handful of water to refresh my voice then turned to face the people. A few stopped and looked my way. Their eyebrows pointed down as if they were bewildered. 

"I come with a message from God. In forty days Nineveh will be conquered."

Suddenly hundreds of people stopped walking. They turned to me and looked without making a sound.

I took the opportunity to repeat what I'd said. "I have come to tell you a message from God. In forty days Nineveh will be conquered."

A man leaped to the steps near me and shouted, "I proclaim that we fast and put on sackcloth. Hurry, everyone. Maybe we can change God's mind."

Several men from the crowd told me to follow them. They grabbed my hands and pulled me through the city street to the palace. The men shouted, "Let us through. We must see the king. Urgent business."

They took me to the king's chamber and bowed before the king. "My lord. This man has a message you must hear."

The king gave us permission to step forward. "What is this message you bring?"

I bowed before the king and answered, "I have been sent with this message from God. In forty days Nineveh will be conquered."

1. What kind of a city is Nineveh?
2. What message did Jonah give the people?
3. What did the people do when they heard the message?
4. Where did the people take Jonah after they heard the message?
5. What do you think the king of Nineveh will do?

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