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Hudson Taylor-The Push

By Mary Vee
Year: June 1872 
Hudson Taylor: age 40

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

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Since finances had dwindled for the mission in China, I began a speaking tour throughout the United Kingdom, and published a new edition of China's Spiritual Need and Claims.

In June, I spoke at the Mildmay Conference to large crowds of people who came to learn more about God. I told the people that missionary efforts were carried out by Christians who obeyed the command of their Savior to go into the world and preach a risen Christ. Missionaries could only go in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

I told them about the work in China, how our missionaries have gone into areas rarely explored by those carrying the message of Christ and that many Chinese were being brought to a saving faith in the Lord.

During one of the nights at the conference, I set a challenge for everyone in the room. "Now, have you the faith to join with me in laying hold of God for eighteen new men to go two by two to the unoccupied provinces?"

Many indicated they would pray daily that Jehovah would answer their prayer. I then closed the evening's service in prayer.

The burden of running the mission in England weighed heavy on me. I didn't like the administrative work. So many papers and forms. 

I longed to return to China and dig into the missionary work. While visiting Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill, a sweet couple who have faithfully supported those of us in China, Mr. Hill said, "Taylor, you are working too hard. You need to establish a Council to handle all Mission matters in England. Once this is done, you could return to China."

If he only knew how wonderful this idea sounded to me. 

Several meetings were held in August to pray and make a list of possible men who might be willing to become Council members. 

In September, we sent six new missionaries to China. Sadly, it wasn't my turn yet. I worked all the harder to establish the Council. Mr. Hill and I visited those nominated to be on the Council during September and on Friday, October 4, 1872 the Council members for China Inland Missions were inaugurated.

The relief I felt must have been the same as what Moses experienced when his father-in-law suggested appointed men to relieve him of the heavy burden of leadership.

Jennie and I thought a lot about what would be best for my children. Should we take them back to China with us or let them stay in England with relatives away from the terrible diseases that plague China? We prayed and felt the best decision was to let the children remain in England.

October 9. At long last, Jennie, my new wife, and I along with new missionary, Emmeline Turner, stepped on a train bound for France where we then boarded a ship for China. We reached our mission home on November 28

Praise God for His blessings. Please pray for our children. I miss them already. 

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
So Very Blessed by God 

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