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Hudson Taylor-A Disappointing Return to China

By Mary Vee
Year: November 1872 
Hudson Taylor: age 40

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

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Jennie and I stepped off the boat in Shanghai. My heart immediately saddened when I saw Charles, the man I'd left in charge, dressed in his finest English clothes.

His shoulders sagged and he didn't smile. Clearly, he knew I would be disappointed not to see him wearing Chinese clothes. 

"You don't understand, Mr. Taylor." He smoothed his shirt in place. "Had I not dressed in my finest British clothes I would have been out of place here in Shanghai."

Charles stammered as he continued his explanations for not doing his job. His eyes fluttered showing how nervous he felt. It didn't take long for me to realize the work had become too much for him and he needed to return to England to rest.

Charles continued to explain the recent problems. He hadn't taken any funds to the missionaries working far away. He didn't remember how to give the moneys as needed. More needed to be given to those in poorer areas, and less to those in cities that could contribute to the work.

I pulled Jennie aside to discuss the situation. She immediately agreed to give what little funds we had to the missionaries in greatest need.

Charles reported the physical concerns of the missionaries. Several had lost children to the diseases and were sick themselves. How I remember the feeling of those terrible sicknesses. The fevers, tiredness, and no desire to eat.

I knew that money was needed more than anything else. The few funds I shared wouldn't last long. Before visiting the Mission centers, I checked the mail and nearly danced a jig. That blessed friend of mine, George Muller had sent money for each missionary and put the checks in individual envelopes. 

Jennie and I decided our first task would be to visit every Mission center to encourage both the leaders and those attending the churches. While there we took notes of their needs.

I used some of the funds sent for Jennie and me to buy land to build a boys' school in Zhenjiang. 

Now for the not so good news. The child emperor had grown old enough to rule on his own and refused the help of those in charge.  He made many changes that created difficulties for us.

Please pray for us to make wise and right decisions. Praise God for His blessings.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
So Very Blessed by God 

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