Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pompous Amaziah, King of Judah

By Mary Vee
II Kings 14, II Chronicles 25

From the scrolls of Jehoash, King of Israel

Photo Courtesy- Beth Shemesh
Everyone had heard about the amazing defeat of the Edomites by king Amaziah and the army from Judah. God helped them with their battle, but Amaziah took all the credit.

We'd also heard that Amaziah brought back the idols from the Edomites and set them up for the people to worship. It's not for me to get after him, but I don't think this was a wise choice. Even the prophets came to Amaziah, asking him to stop worshiping the idols from Edom. He told them to go away and leave him alone.

The prophets warned Amaziah that God would destroy him because he didn't listen to their counsel.

Amaziah became quite confident after winning the battle with Edomite. He met with his advisers then sent me a message to come fight him.

I didn't want to fight him. We had no reason to. I called my scribe and had this message sent: "A thistle in Lebanon sent a message to a cedar in Lebanon, 'Give your daughter to my son in marriage.' Then a wild beast in Lebanon came along and trampled the thistle underfoot. You say to yourself that you have defeated Edom and now you are arrogant and proud. Stay home. Why cause trouble and caused your own downfall and that of Judah also?"

The messenger returned to me reporting Amaziah wouldn't listen. I'm not surprised. God wouldn't be pleased with him causing the people of Judah to worship the gods of Edom. 

I called my officers together and set up a battle plan. If war was what he really wanted. War he shall have.

We marched our armies to Beth Shemesh in Judah. We surrounded Amaziah's army and watched them flee to their homes in fear. I captured Amaziah, king of Judah and brought him to Jerusalem. 

My army broke down the walls of Jerusalem from the Ephraim Gate to the Corner Gate--a section about six hundred feet long. I took all the gold, silver, and all the articles found in the temple of God that had been in the care of Obed-Edom, together with the palace treasures and hostages and brought them back to Samaria.

I didn't kill king Amaziah, despite his threat. In fact, time passed, and as I lay on my death bed, Amaziah, king of Judah still lived.


1.  Why was king Amaziah so proud?
2.  Did he have a right to be proud for what happened?
3.  What did Amaziah want Jehoash, king of Israel to do?
4.  What answer did Jehoash give Amaziah?
5.  Did Amaziah agree?
6.  Jehoash gave him and did what?
7.  Who won?

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