Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jonah-The Terrifying Storm

By Mary Vee
Jonah 1

From the Wet Journals of Jonah

The captain of the ship dragged me from my cabin to the deck and ordered me to cry out to my God to save the ship. 

I could barely hear him over the blistering wind. Waves towered above my head and slapped the deck with a great force. The masts groaned, moving side to side, and threatened to snap in two at any moment. 

Only a storm of great doom could create such fear in the hearts of an experienced crew. The men searched the ship for more cargo to toss over the side to lighten the ship. A few were sent up the ratlines to pull in the sails. These were the ones who suffered the greatest risk to their lives. If the mast snapped while they were aloft, they would fall into the sea and be sucked to the depths.

The work never ceased. The wind loosened ropes and unfurled sails. 

The crew banded together and cried out to their own gods, pleading for mercy. They fell to their knees and continued to shout to their gods.

Nothing helped.

The rain and the sea took no break, but continued to slap the ship and us. I grabbed onto the rail for balance, but soon found myself thrown against the other side and nearly cast overboard. My arms ached from banging against the rail and my clothes were completely soaked.

One of the crew pulled me to a somewhat safe place where the other crew had gathered in a circle. "Take a place over here." One brought out lots and held them in his hand. "We'll see who the cause of this trouble is." 

The lots were tossed on the deck and pointed to me. 

"Tell us," one crew member said to me, "who is responsible for making all this trouble for us? What do you do Where do you come from? What is your country? From what people are you?"

I didn't waste any time answering him. The man was scared and ready to act. "I am a Hebrew and I worship the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the land."

Every man's eyes widened with more fear. "What have you done?"

I'd already told them I'd run away from the Lord, but hadn't told them why.

A wave, larger than we had seen so far towered above the ship. The men looked up and cried out in fear. " What should we do to you to make the sea calm down for us?"

I couldn't answer right then, the wind pushed us against each other, and the ship tipped. 

You'll have to come back next time to see what happens. Hold on to the rail until then!

1. What scared the crew?
2. What did the captain order Jonah to do?
3. What are some things the crew did to save the ship.
4. What did the crew call Jonah over to do with them.
5. Who did the lots fall on?
6. What did the sailors ask Jonah to tell them?
7. Jonah had already told them he had run away from ___________

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