Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jonah-Inside the Whale

By Mary Vee
Jonah 2

From Jonah's Smelly Journal

I awoke in the most unusual place.

It was dark and there were weird gurgling noises. I didn't recognize anything. Was I dead?

I reached out and touched something gooey. Whatever I sat on moved with me like a squishy pillow.

Air flowed, moving in and out like something around me was breathing. Could it be that I was inside the great fish?

"Hello? Is anyone here?" My voice didn't travel far. The sounds muted shortly after I said them. 

How did I get here? I sat up and tried to remember what happened to me. Oh, yes. I bought a ticket and boarded a ship for Tarshish. Shortly after leaving dock a great storm stirred the sea and threatened the ship. The crew threw me overboard to save their lives. I sank deep into the water until a great fish swallowed me.

I tried to remember being swallowed then decided I might be better off not knowing. 

How long had I been in the great fish? 

My stomach growled. I had no way to find food and wondered which would be worse, drowning or starving.

I thought about what God asked me to do a few days ago. I still didn't want to go to Ninevah, and definitely didn't want to tell the Ninevites how they could be spared from a great punishment. They were a cruel people and deserved the punishment. 

Still, if God asked me to do something, I really ought to do it. Who was I to tell God what to do? 

I was sorry for saying no to God and didn't know how to undo my bad choice. There didn't seem any way to survive now.

I leaned back and fell asleep.

When I awoke I hoped being swallowed by the great fish had been nothing more than a crazy dream. I opened my eyes and couldn't see very much. The darkness seemed a blessing. I didn't want to see what the inside of a fish looked like, too many half eaten creatures and guts. Ew.

I had nothing to do except think. Scriptures and the message God gave to me mostly filled my mind. After a while I decided I would ask God to help me get out of the fish. He is the Almighty. The one who created both the fish and me. Surely He could get me out.

I took one more nap to give my body time to heal from the injuries I received on the ship. Then I'd ask Him for help.

1. What do you imagine the place looked like where Jonah slept?
2. What had happened to Jonah?
3. What was Jonah sorry about?
4. What did Jonah decide to do?

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