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Sweet and Courageous Jehosheba Hid the Prince

By Mary Vee
II Kings 11

From Jehosheba's Journal

The castle was in mass chaos. The king, Ahaziah had been hunted down and killed. Many of the princes who would inherit the throne had been killed. Most likely the rest will be killed as well.

Right now, I am hiding in one of the rooms with the door slightly open.


Trying to decide what to do.

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King Ahaziah's mother, Athaliah, is running through the corridors shouting commands to kill everyone from the royal family in the house of Judah. 

If she is successful, she will become queen. This would be a terrible thing because she is Jezebel's daughter and just as evil.

I, too, am at risk. King Ahaziah was my brother. I have an advantage, though. I am the wife of the priest Jehoiada. With my connections, I have access to many places in the palace that others do not have. 

I couldn't hide forever, though. Not here in the palace. 

One of the princes needed to be spared to someday take the throne from her. I ran to the room where the princes played. They didn't understand what was about to happen to them. I wished I could spare them all, but that was impossible. 

I opened the door and hurried inside. Some of the princes worked with their tutors, some played and others rested. I looked around the room until the youngest came to my view. I ran to his crib, grabbed little Joash who was only one-year-old, and signaled his nurse to follow. "Hurry."

She asked no questions and did all that I asked.

We escaped through another way and ran to the Temple of God. We ran through corridors and down stairs to an inner chamber of the temple where little Joash could not be heard.

I opened the door of a room and led them inside. "This isn't much to offer, but at least his life will be spared."

The nurse took Joash from my arms and hugged him. "Thank you."

"I don't know how long you will have to hide here. I will send someone to you once a day to see what your needs are. You must not leave this area to prevent Athaliah from finding you."
Jehosheba rubbed her hand over the little boy's head. "I am quite certain Athaliah will take over the throne shortly after killing Joash's brothers. He must stay hidden until his safety is certain. This may take years."

The nurse nodded. "I understand and will do everything in my power to care for him."

I knew she would. Her desire to protect the young prince outweighed any loyalty she may have for Athaliah.

I returned to my husband, Jehoida, the priest and told him what I had done.

1. Who is Jehosheba's brother? _____________________
2. Why was there chaos in the palace?
3. Who is Jehosheba's husband?
4. Who did Jehosheba want to save?
5. How old is the one she saved?
6. Where did she take him?

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