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Joash-The End of Peace

by Mary Vee
II Kings 12-13, II Chronicles 24

From an Official in king Joash's House

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I was not pleased with the choices king Joash made.  After the priest Jehoiada died, Joash listened to the advice of the bad officials in the palace. They convinced him to stop worshiping the Lord and to return to the worship of Baal.

At the time, I couldn't do anything about the situation. The people of Judah followed their king's lead and returned to their Baal worship. As expected, our time of peace ended. God sent the terrible army of Aram to attack as punishment.

At the turn of the year the army of Aram marched against us. Strong and courageous. Without God's help we didn't stand a chance. The army of Aram killed all the leaders of the people and stole everything of value. They didn't need a large army, God had sent Aram as a punishment since we no longer worshiped Him.

Hazael, king of Aram attacked Gath then turned to attack Jerusalem. 

Joash listened to more bad advice. To save the city he took all the sacred objects dedicated by his fathers and the gifts he himself had dedicated, along with all the gold found in the treasuries of the temple of the Lord and of the royal palace and gave them to Hazael, king of Aram. Hazael accepted the gift and withdrew his troops.

This was too much. Clearly king Joash had no intentions to bring Judah back to worshiping God. I and a few other officials met together. We made a plan to get rid of Joash. 

King Joash had been severely wounded by the Arameans. He went to bed to recuperate. 

I called the officials together again. "Joash is not leading our country the way he should. Look, he has given all the gold and treasures from the temple to Hazael. Remember last week when he ordered the death of Zechariah, son of the priest Jehoiada? Zechariah only came to warn Joash of what God would do. We must get rid of Joash before he destroys the country."

They agreed with me. We went together to king Joash's room, closed the door, and killed him.

Because Joash turned away from the Lord, he was not buried in the tombs of the kings, however, we did bury him in the City of David.

His son, Amaziah was crowned the new king of Judah. Hopefully Amaziah will bring Judah back to worshiping God.


1. What did Joash do wrong?
2. Who attacked Judah?
3. What did Joash do to make them stop attacking?
4. Why were these officials upset with Joash?
5. What did the officials do?

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