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Jehu-Sent to Bring Justice Back to Israel

By Mary Vee
II Kings 9

From Jehu's Journals

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The young prophet who gave his message to me ran to the door as he spoke his last words, and ran away. 

I rejoined my fellow officers. We were camped around a fire discussing tomorrow's battle plan against Hazael, king of Aram before the prophet had arrived.

"Jehu," one officer said as I sat down. "What did that young fellow want? He acted like a madman when he left. Is everything all right?"

"I laughed. You know a madman and the sort of things he says." I said.

The officer squinted and stroke his beard. "You are keeping something from us. What did he say?"

"Elisha had sent this young prophet to me to deliver a message. He said, 'The Lord asks me to anoint you king over Israel.' So he did."

The officers stood together, as if they'd been given a command. They took off their coats and put them on the step, beneath my feet. One blew his trumpet and the others shouted, "Jehu is king!"

"Since you seem to agree with what the prophet has said then no one is to slip away to Jezreel to tell Joram. He must not know that I have been assigned to take his crown."

The officers agreed.

"Gather your troops and weapons. We march to Jezreel." The officers called their soldiers and gave the command. I went to my chariot to lead the march. 

We came to a wide open field where all the troops could easily be seen by the guard of the Jezreel's city gate. Only a moment later a horseman rode to us and said, "King Joram wants to know if you have come in peace."

"You have a choice," I said. "Join me or be overtaken by this army." The messenger joined our march.

I knew the king would send a second and third messenger hoping one would return with the answer. Sure enough, not long after, a second soldier rode his horse out of the city gates to meet me. "The king wants to know if you come in peace."

Again I warned, "Joined me or be overtaken by this army." The second messenger joined our march.

Again the city gates opened. This time king Joram of Israel and Ahaziah king of Judah rode out toward me, each in their own chariot. 

We met in the same place where Naboth once owned the land. Naboth was a peaceful man who had very little. King Joram's father, king Ahab, wanted Naboth's vineyard with a great passion. He told his wife, Queen Jezebel that Naboth wouldn't sell him the vineyard. Jezebel had Naboth killed then gave the land to Ahab. The punishment had not yet been given to Ahab's family for his selfishness.

Joram asked me, "Have you come in peace, Jehu?"

"How can there be peace as long as you allow the false gods and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel throughout the country. You are teaching the people to walk away from the God of our fathers."

Joram turned his chariot and screamed to Ahaziah, king of Judah, "Flee! Jehu has treachery in mind!"

I drew my bow and shot Joram between the shoulders. The arrow pierced his heart and he fell over in his chariot. I turned to one of the officers. "Pick him up and throw him on the field that belonged to Naboth. Remember when we rode behind king Ahab and the Lord's promise about Ahab, 'I will surely make king Ahab pay for what he did to Naboth on this very plot of ground.' Well the time has come."

 God has more work for Jehu to bring Israel back to Him. Join us next time.

1.What did the Jehu tell the officers?
2. What did they do?
3. Where did they go? 
4. What did the first horseman ask and what did he do?
5. What did the second horseman ask and what did he do?
6. What message did Jehu give king Joram?
7. What did Jehu do?
8. Who was Naboth?

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