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Hudson Taylor- Despite The Great Debates

By Mary Vee
Year: October-February, 1868-1869 
Hudson Taylor: age 36-37

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

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The news of our problems with mobs reached Britain. The parliament looked into the issues, at first siding with us and the problems we faced.

Like so many times, the news became distorted. Newspapers printed stories saying we had asked the British Consulate to send in the gun ships and to force the Chinese people to allow the mission in Yangchow.

This was far from the truth. 

Nonetheless, the parliament argued the value of missionaries living in inland China. 

One side decided missionaries should wait and follow British businessmen. Once they sold their goods in an area, missionaries could then follow and set up a mission home. 

Another said they were afraid the problem would grow far out of proportion and create a war between China and Britain.

Another said missionaries had the right to go from city to city as any other foreigner.

Unfortunately the great debate and huge publicity in newspapers, radios, and word of mouth, created a huge issue with donations to the ministry. Many people stopped giving money, believing only the worst.

We tried our best to survive on the meager sums.

While the debates fueled angry tempers in Britain, God worked in China. 

James Williamson and I took a boat one hundred miles up the river to Qingjangpu. We left October 26, and the trip lasted about ten days. After a quick visit, we became convince this would be an important place, central to our future missionary work.

God also blessed our hearts when we met two men who walked forty miles to Taizhou to hear the about the God who loved them. Some time before that, someone had visited these men and gave them a brochure about our work and some information about Jesus. They had  read the brochures and searched for us to hear more. 

One came to me after the service. He bowed. "Mr. Taylor, we have been waiting to hear these great words about your God. There are twenty others waiting in our village for our report. They are excited to learn more."

Blessed words like these were sent to us by God to continue our work. Strong and steady despite the debates in Britain.

One last piece of good news I must share. Six days after we entered the repaired missionary home in Yangchow, my wife Maria, gave birth to our son, Charles Edward.

I don't expect the years to come to be easy. But I must admit, the works seems easier when there is good news sprinkled in with the trials.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
Blessed by God even in time of torment

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