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Hudson Taylor-A Frightening Day

By Mary Vee
Year: September, 1867 
Hudson Taylor: age 35

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

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There are those events that can frighten missionaries. Sure we are suppose to call on the name of the Lord for protection, and we do, but we cry and become concerned like you.

Last week I wrote about our missionaries whom we sent to Huzhou. James became sick with malaria and had to return to our base. John McCarthy took his place. He worked with the two Chinese missionaries, Liu and Yi. 

As they walked through the city Yi had been attacked. Liu called for the police. The officer lent no help, instead he allowed the crowd to beat Yi until they left, thinking he was dead.

John ran to Yi. As a strong and large man, he lifted Yi and carried him back to their boat. He wrote a note explaining what happened and put it in Yi's pocket then paid the boatman to take Yi back to our base camp where we could take care of him.

The day Yi finally woke he looked around the room. "Where am I? Where is John and Liu?" His eyes grew wild. "Are they dead?"

I rushed to his side, despite my severe illness, and put my hand on his arm. "You're back at the base camp. John and Liu are fine. 

Now that he awoke, Yi could be left in the care of the others at the base. I left my sick bed and dressed in my finest Chinese clothes. Carl Kreyer, the missionary who only wears English clothes went with me. I hired a sedan chair to carry us to visit the city rulers. With me, I carried a formal letter of complaint. 

After reading the letter, the rulers allowed our visit. They had to. The people of Huzhou violated  the treaty made with Britain which said foreigners could freely travel in China. The rulers said they would address the issue. 

I couldn't do anything else about the issue. I returned home, and Carl went to Huzhou to help John. He took with him another Chinese missionary to replace Yi.

Sadly, only a day or so after Carl left, Liu arrived at the base. He too had been beaten by the people in Huzhou. Liu said, "They wrapped a huge weight around my neck and pushed me toward the river. The Almighty saved my life by sending a kind Chinese man who made them stop. He put me on the boat and ordered the boatsman to take me back here.

I received news several days later stating several innocent officials had been charged with abusing Yi and Liu. They received severe punishments. The one responsible, escaped any justice. 

Jesus had said when situations like this arise, we should take off our sandal, blow the dust and leave the city to receive it's own judgement. For now, I called John and Carl back to the base camp to keep them and our Chinese missionaries safe.

I will go to the city myself to see what the problem is as soon as I am well enough. 

Come back next time to see if we are able to set up a mission for the people of Huzhou.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
Blessed by God even in time of torment

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