Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elisha-The Woman Asked, God Supplied

By Mary Vee
II Kings 8

From the Shunammite Woman's Diary

Seven years passed before we'd received word the famine had ended in our home town. 

I was really excited about returning to my house. My neighbors would be returning from wherever they fled. We could celebrate, plant our gardens, and get back to our normal lives. My son, now old enough to help, helped me pack our belongings on a donkey. 

We walked all the long way back. Tears welled when I saw my home. Finally home.

A guard stopped us shortly before we reached our home. "You must first ask the king to reclaim your land."

I have experienced many trials in my life, but this would be a tragedy if the king did not allow me to reclaim my land. I had to be strong, for the sake of my son.

We went to the palace at the time when the people had permission to go before the king. I stood in line.

When my turn came, I overheard Elisha's servant, Gehazi speaking to the king. The king asked him, "Tell me about all the great things Elisha has done."

I knew many miracles Elisha had done in the service of the Lord and would have gladly answered for him. 

Gehazi answered, "There was a woman whose son had died. She came to Elisha asking his help. Elisha followed her to her house and went to the boy's room. He prayed asking God to restore the boy's life. Later Elisha came out of the room carrying the boy. He handed the boy to his mother. His young eyes opened and he asked for food.

Gehazi had told the king my story! I stepped forward. "Excuse me."

Gehazi turned and smiled. "This, your majesty is the woman, and there is her son beside her."

The king gave me permission to approach his throne. "Tell me, what happened with your son."

I told him the entire story beginning with Elisha's visit, my husband building a room on our roof for Elisha, the Lord granting us a son, his illness, death, and Elisha's prayers to God. "This here is my son. The event I spoke of happened seven years ago. We fled as Elisha advised to avoid the famine and have returned to reclaim our land."

The king called to one of his officials. "Take this woman's case. Give her back everything that belonged to her, including all the money earned from her land from the day she left the country until now."

"Thank you, king." I bowed. Truly I never expected to receive the money. I didn't even know for sure if I'd receive my land. The Lord has given back to me more than a hundred fold for the little we spent to host Elisha. 

We left the official's chambers soon after and returned to our house. Yes. Our house. Thank you God for placing Gehazi in the king's chambers at the exact moment needed. Thank you for taking care of us.


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1. Why did the Shunammite woman return to her land?
2. What did she find out when she returned?
3. Who was meeting with the king when she stood in line?
4. What did the king ask her?
5. What did the king give her?

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