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Elisha-Namaan's Leprosy is Healed!

By Mary Vee
I Kings 5

From Naaman's Journals

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This whole plan seemed utterly ridiculous to me. I am a commander. The Israelite prophet didn't even step out his door to speak with me. Neither did he invite me into his house. I, the favored commander in the king of Aram's army was disregarded like a common simpleton.

Imagine. This prophet. What his name? Oh,yes. Elisha. The prophet Elisha sent a mere messenger to his door to give me instructions to go to the Jordan river and wash seven times. I deserved better treatment. 

He expected me to go to the muddy waters of the Jordan and wash? Can anything be cleaned in the Jordan? I think not. 

"Commander?" My servant, who walked beside my horse, shaded his eyes from the sun as he looked in my direction. 

"Speak. Make it quick." I didn't feel like listening to his words, but granted permission anyway.

"My father, if the prophet had told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it? And now, how much easier could it be, when he tells you to simply go to the Jordan, 'Wash and be cleansed'!" The servant kept his eyes fixed on me for a short time before looking back to the ground.

He had a good point. When I left my home I stood prepared to do anything, pay any price, offer my service, all in exchange to have the leprosy cured. The Israelite prophet only asked me to bathe in the muddy waters of Jordan. What could it hurt?

"Head for the river Jordan." All the horses and chariots turned on the road leading to the river. At the river banks I dismounted and stepped on the sandy shore. The cool waters touched my feet.

My servants assisted me as I stepped into the chilly waters. "Keep track of the number. I don't want to do this any more thank I have to."

"Yes, my lord." 

I bent my knees dipped my head below the mirky waters, unable to see anything. As I stood I rubbed my eyes and rubbed the cold water off my skin. There had been no change. 

I lowered myself under the water surface again, and again, listening to my servant keep count and wiping the sediment from my skin. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. 

The water dripped from my skin into the river as I stood. "Master. Your skin!"

I didn't know what they saw. I felt a difference on my skin, but still needed to wipe the water from my eyes. 

"Take my hand," my servant called. "I'll help you to shore."

I rubbed my eyes then reached for his hand. That was when I saw the difference. The skin on my arm no longer had the disease. I inspected my other arm. It, too, appeared pure. "Look!"

My servant pulled me to the shore. "I see, master. The leprosy has left you. Your arms and legs have the skin of a young boy."

Now, normally I would not dance about like a child over something good that happens. I am, after all a commander and must behave accordingly. This time, though, I could not contain myself. I danced about, showing the cleansed skin from my arms to every man with me. For the first time in quite a while--I laughed.

"The prophet of Israel spoke the truth." I said in my merriment. "His God has healed me! Come, we must return to the prophet's house at once and thank him."

Come back next time to read what happened at Elisha's house.


1. What did Naaman think of Elisha's plan?
2. What did he feel he could think this way?
3. What did his servant tell him?
4. Why did Naaman change his mind?
5. What happened at the river Jordan?
6. After the seventh time Naaman dipped into the water, he saw_________
7. What did Naaman decide to do next?

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