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Elisha-Ben-Hadad Attacks Again

By Mary Vee
II Kings 6

As you read of this event, keep in mind, this king of Israel did not worship the one true God.

From the King of Israel's Scrolls

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This morning, I woke to terrible news. Ben-Hadad, king of Aram had marched his army here, to Samaria, and surrounded the city. They set up their camp and prepared for a siege. 


Naaman, the captain of his army had leprosy and came to us for help. He went to the prophet Elisha's house and spoke with him. The Lord healed the man. Why is Ben-Hadad attacking after we helped him?

Oh, I know Ben-Hadad's battle plan, all right. He'll stay camped out there, not doing a thing. All he has to do is make sure we can't get out and no one comes in to the city. As a result, we will not be able to get our food supplies replenished. He'll starve us to death them knock down the gate and take the plunder.

Each morning since Ben-Hadad arrived, I went to the city wall and looked out at the terrible sight. A sea of tents filled the valley. Not that I expected to see anything different. But I had hoped something would happen. A month had passed.

Food became scarce for us. Prices for a small handful of food became too expensive for even the wealthy people. Men and women in the city became angry. They had no place to go to find any food. We couldn't even search the fields or woods because we couldn't get out of the city.

A woman came to me and cried. "Help me, my lord the king!"

I asked her what she wanted. She told me about a dispute with her neighbor. So terrible were her words I tore my robe. I didn't realize what the people were doing and what they were willing to eat. This had to be Elisha's fault. Why hadn't he asked God to save us?

Rage boiled in my veins as my stomach growled. I paced like a hungry lion.

The only one who could do anything was Elisha. I called for a messenger. We he arrived I ordered him to, "Go to Elisha and tell him we are starving. If he will do nothing about this problem, I will drag him here and put him to death."

The messenger left, running toward Elisha's house.

Outside the city gate, men suffering from leprosy called up. "Please, please have mercy. Give us a crumb of bread!"

I couldn't help them. We didn't have food to give. And if I did have food, I would eat it myself, first.

Come back next time to see what Elisha, the servant of God does.


1. Who came to attack Samaria.
2. Samaria was the home for the king of _________.
3. What was the problem in the city?
4. What did the king decide to do?
5. Why couldn't the people get out of the city?
6. What did the men with leprosy want?

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