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Hudson Taylor-Sometimes We Need Extra Encouragement

By Mary Vee
Year: February, 1867 
Hudson Taylor: age 35
From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

Good things have happened. 

We recently turned the church in Ningbo over to a national pastor. The church had grown and many had been baptized. The new national pastor came to know Christ as his Savior when I first came. 

He eagerly studied Scriptures and trained with us, preaching to men, women, and children in the streets and in the chapels with us. This year we sensed he could take on the responsibility. He agreed. What a jubilant day when he took over the first service.

In July we sent three missionaries, James Meadows, Josiah Jackson and Feng Nenggui, a Chinese man who accepted Christ and wanted to help deeper into inland China.

Josiah chose to wear Chinese clothes and eat Chinese food in the new city as he promised the mission. James, on the other hand did not. As a result people on the streets threw stones and shouted at James but left Josiah alone. 

Feng met with the prefect and reported back to Josiah and James they would be allowed to stay in Taizhou.

That night Josiah, James, and Feng slept in their tiny rented apartment. While they slept, robbers broke in and stole almost of their possessions including lost equipment, a shotgun, and pistol.

They complained to the prefect. James decided to leave the group and went back to Ningbo. In a short time most of the stolen belongings were returned to Josiah and Feng. 

Josiah and Feng found themselves warmly welcomed in Taizhou. They rented a four roomed house to set up the new ministry. 

In time, though, their funds ran low. Few Chinese came to their church services or came to hear about God when they went to the streets to preach. Josiah became convinced God didn't want him in Taizhou. Josiah left for Ningbo to borrow money from James and sent a letter to me reporting the problem.

I immediately penned a letter back to him, understanding he needed encouragement. 

Dear Josiah,
I understand you have faced difficulties and need finances. I ask you to hold your faith strong and return to Taizhou. Who knows if one person you speak to today may become the next great evangelist in China. Please don't feel defeated, rather be strong. Spend time learning the local dialect and preaching to the people. Remember, God will provide. There is no need to borrow from any man or trust in the power of a gun or man. 

Did you know, Josiah, money had been allocated for your use even before you knew your need. James Meadows will send you twenty dollars to cover your losses in the burglary.

I am praying for you and look forward to your next letter.
J. Hudson Taylor

Thankfully I did receive a short note in return from Josiah. He said he felt encouraged and chose to return to Taizhou ready to continue the ministry.

Praise God for the servants He has sent to do the work here in China.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--Inland China!
Blessed by God even in time of trial

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