Saturday, November 2, 2013

Elisha-Miracle of the Bread

Mary Vee
II Kings 4

From the Journal of a Man from Baal Shalishah

I had heard the prophet Elisha went to Gilgal. It wasn't far from my home. With the famine raging throughout our land I knew he'd be hungry. 

I decided to make bread loaves for him, after all, where would we be without the prophets?

I packed twenty loaves of barley bread baked form the first ripe grains in my fields. My stomach growled as the aroma seeped out of the satchel. I grabbed my staff and the satchel and walked to Gigal and went to the home where I heard Elisha stayed.

When the servant opened the door I heard many voices. I didn't realize there would be so many prophets meeting with Elisha. I began to feel pretty bad, knowing there wasn't enough food for all of the men.

The servant welcomed me into the room with Elisha and the men, I bowed in respect to everyone in the room. "If I may, I brought bread for you, Elisha. I apologize, I did not know there would be this many guests with you."

Elisha smiled. "Don't worry. Your gift is well received."

"Thank you."

Elisha turned to his servant and said, "Take the gift and give the bread to the people to eat."

I handed the bag to the servant as Elisha indicated.

His servant turned to Elisha. He eyebrows furrowed. "How can I set this before a hundred men?"

Elisha nodded and pointed to the prophets watching. "Trust me. Give the bread to the people to eat. The Lord said to me 'They will eat and have some left over.'"

Elisha prayed, thanking God for the food.

His servant grinned. "I will." He walked to the first man and gave him a loaf. He went to each man giving one small loaf of bread. After each man received his loaf, they ate. 

The servant brought the bag back to Elisha and they looked inside. Just as the Lord said, there were more loaves in the bag. 

I don't know that I've seen a miracle before, but I did that day. God provided enough food for everyone and he let me cook the first twenty! I walked back home feeling pretty good about my day. Thanks to a miracle done by God.

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1. What is a famine?
2. A _________ from Baal Shalishah baked __________.
3. A bag containing ________ loaves of bread was brought to Elisha because _______
4. The man knew/did not know there would be 100 prophets meeting with Elisha.
5. Elisha told his servant to ____________________
6. What did Elisha see in the bag after the servant finished his work?

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