Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elisha-Shunammite Pleads for Her Son

By Mary Vee
II Kings 4

From the Shunammite Woman's Diary

I love my son. After many years, I didn't think I would ever have a child. One day the prophet Elisha told me God would bless our family with a son.

He has been the joy of my days. I love his laughter and his giggles. Yesterday he went with his father to help in the fields. Before noon, I looked out the window and was surprised to see out servant carrying my son toward the house.

He brought my child inside. "He has a terrible headache. It has grown so terribly over the last hour."

I took my son and placed him on my lap, holding him tight and humming a soft tune. Nothing helped. He cried out in anguish. My heart ripped apart because there was nothing I could do to ease his pain.

As the noon sun sat in the sky, my son fell limp in my arms and took his last breath. I had to do something. Sitting here and crying wouldn't help. I carried my son to his bed and closed the door. 

Elisha told us where he would be when he left a few days ago. I ran out to the field where my husband worked, asked for a donkey and a servant to accompany me to visit the prophet. "I won't be gone long." 

"Why do you want to see him today? This isn't a festival or the Sabbath."

"I know. I just want to speak with him."

He shrugged and called for the donkey and servant. I saddled the donkey as quick as I could and said to the servant, "Lead the way, go quickly and don't slow down for me unless I tell you." He set a good pace, one that I had to work hard to keep up with.

In the distance Elisha's servant ran toward us. He must have seen us coming. He called out to us as he neared, "Is everything all right. Is your husband all right? Is your child all right? 

"Gehazi, I must speak with the prophet. This is urgent." 

He led us to Elisha's camp on the mountain. Elisha came out to greet me. I slid off the donkey and ran to his feet and wrapped my hands around them. Gehazi moved forward to pull me away but Elisha told him to stop. 

"Did I ask for the son to be given to me? Yet God gave me a son as a gift. This morning he died."

Elisha said, "Gehazi take my staff and run to the boy. If you meet anyone on the way don't greet them. If anyone greets you, ignore them. Hurry to the boy and set my staff on his face."

I wanted Elisha to come to my son, I just needed his presence. "Please, Elisha, as sure as the Lord lives, I will not leave without you."

Gehazi left ahead of us as Elisha commanded. Elisha and I traveled on the road together. 

As we walked a ways, Gehazi ran back in our direction. "I did all that you said, but the boy has not awakened."

I refused to give up. Come back next time to see what happened next.

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1.  What problem did the Shunammite son have?
2.  What happened to him?
3.  What did the Shunammite ask her husband for?
4.  Why did she do this knowing what happened top her son?
5.  Who did she go to see?
6.  Did she find him?

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