Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elisha-God Helps in Time of Need-The Axhead Miracle

By Mary Vee
II Kings 6

From Elisha's Journal

I met with a group of prophets who lived near the Jordan River. I have met with them many times. We discuss the Scriptures, pray, and sing.

The group had grown to be large. We found it difficult to sit comfortably and discuss with all the prophets there. One of the prophets said, "This room is too small. Let's build a bigger place down by the river."

The other prophets agreed. 

I thought it would be a good idea, too, but felt the decision needed to be their's since I didn't stay there all the time like they do.

One prophet said, "Elisha, will you join us. We know you aren't always here, but we feel you are as much a part of our group as we are."

"Yes, I will," I said.

We gathered together tools and went down to the river. The group of prophets walked along the shore and found the perfect place to build. We leveled the ground and went to the woods to cut down trees.

Some of the trees grew close to the river. One prophet chose to cut those trees for his section of the room. He took out his axe and swung it at the tree. He made the first indentation, yanked the axe out and pulled his arm back to swing again. As he moved to strike the tree, the iron axhead slipped off the handle and fell into the river.

He stood there gasping at the sight. He looked at the handle and at the river. The water was too deep and mucky to see the axehead. 

The prophet looked at the water trying to decide what to do.

Finally he ran to Elisha. "My lord, I have a terrible problem. The axhead fell into the water and I can't see it. It was borrowed! Please help me."

I followed him. "Show me the place in the water where it fell."

It's over here. He walked to a spot right by the trees. "There, about  two feet into the river."

The Lord spoke to me to go to a tree, cut a stick, and cary it to the place where the axhead fell into the water. He then told me to throw the stick at the same spot. I did all that the Lord said to do.

We looked at the water. Under the stick, a piece of metal poked through the surface. It was the axhead! I turned to the prophet and said, "Lift it out of the water."

He did as I said and pulled the borrowed tool from the water.

Praise God. He is always willing to help us in time of need. The help may not always be what we think, but it will always be what we need.

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1. Where did Elisha meet the men?
2. Why did these men meet?
3. What was wrong with the room they met in?
4. How did they want to solve the problem?
5. What happened to the prophet's axehead?
6. Why was the prophet so very upset?
7. What did Elisha do?
8. What happened to the axehead.

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