Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Elisha-Poisonous Stew Cured with Bread

By Mary Vee
II Kings 4

From Elisha's Journal

I returned to the area of Gilgal, a small village west of the Jordan River and close to the last place where I saw Elijah. There I had a meeting with a company of prophets, about one hundred men. 

A famine overwhelmed us at the time and I could tell the prophets had difficulty focusing on our discussions. They needed food. I called to my servants. "Put on the large pot and cook some stew for these men."

My servants had worked with me for sometime now and knew the importance of following my directions exactly as I say, for usually the Lord was the source of the instruction.

At times, however, the instructions seemed to confuse them. Like this time. Famine possessed our land, therefore how could the servants make stew? I knew God would provide. We needed to put the pot and water over the fire and He would supply the nourishment. 

My servants went to the garden. Several found fresh herbs to add to the pot. One man, however, found a wild vine with gourds. Apparently he didn't recognize the gourds, but decided to fill his arms with plenty for the stew. 

I proceded teaching the prophets from the Words given to me by God while the stew cooked. A while later the servants served the meal to all the prophets and myself. It smelled delicious.

We gave thanks to God for the food and proceeded to take the first taste. Barely had the prophets swallowed when they complained of stomach problems. "O man of God, there is death in the pot!" The men stopped eating immediately.

I called out to my servants, "Bring some flour and put it in the pot." They did as I instructed, stirred and simmered the stew then re-served the meal. The prophets tasted the meal again and smiled their satisfaction.

Flour is what we make bread from. The Word of God is bread for our souls. When we have trials and problems, when we need to know His instructions, when we are spiritually hungry and are in need of nourishment, the Word of God will supply. 

This became the new lesson I taught the prophets. It is also the reason why God used the flour to neutralize the poisons from the gourds.
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1.  Elisha spoke with a group of _____________
2.  The men were hungry because there was a __________ in the land.
3.  Elisha asked his servants to get the large __________.
4.  When the men took their first bite of the food what did they do?
5.  Elisha told his servants to bring _________ and put it in the ________
6.  What happened when the men ate the stew the second time.
7.  Why did God use flour to fix the problem?

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