Wednesday, September 25, 2013

King Jehoshaphat-True Confession

by Mary Vee
II Chronicles 20 and I Kings 22

From King Jehoshaphat's Scroll

We won the war. 

Judah had the victory. 

We didn't do anything other than to march to the battlefield. In truth, God took care of everything else. 

We were so happy gathering all the plunder, sharing the goods with our families. 

God's power amazed us.

And then I did something stupid.


The king of Israel, Ahaziah asked me to make an alliance with him. I knew better, I know and I knew. 

I don't know what came over me. What caused me to make such a bad choice. 

I had already forgotten the alliance I made with his father, king Ahab. Well, that turned out to be a disaster. Did I learn my lesson? 

Sigh. I guess not.

King Ahaziah asked me to construct a fleet of trading ships to go to Ophir and collect gold. Once the workers finished building the ships I received a visit from Eliezer. Eliezer the prophet.

I knew. The moment I saw him, his message would not be good.

Eliezer said, "Because you have made an alliance with Ahaziah, the Lord will destroy what you have made."

Sure enough, and I knew never to doubt a message from the Lord, the ships were wrecked and to able to set sail to gather trade. 

I wish I made the right choice the first time. King Ahaziah sent a messenger requesting to allow his men to sail with my men."

I made a bad choice the first time, but I would not the second. "Messenger, return to your master with this word: No, your men may not sail with my men."

Oh, Lord, help me to obey your commands the first time.

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1.  What good recently happened for Judah and their king, Jehoshaphat?
2.  What did Ahaziah, king of Israel ask king Jehoshaphat to do?
3.  What did Jehoshaphat answer?
4.  What did Jehoshaphat make?
5.  After the project ended, who visited Jehoshaphat?
6.  What message did the visitor bring?
7.  King Ahaziah asked for more help. What did Jehoshaphat say this time?

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