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Hudson Taylor-China Inland Mission Born

By Mary Vee

Year: June, 1865 
Hudson Taylor: age 33

From J. Hudson Taylor's Notes

Those living in the mission house in England worked day and night, preparing and praying for the people of China. We wanted to finish the translations, and prepare more missionaries to help. 

I must admit, my eyes often fell on the map of China hanging on the wall. Because of the wars and rules in China, so much of the missionary work stayed by coastal cities. The people living in inland cities didn't hear the word of God and my heart saddened for them.

Men and women in England listened to our messages and gave funds to support the work in China. Many couldn't go, but they could give. The accounts blossomed allowing us to help more missionaries.

Mr. Berger, the man who supported me during my time in China helped keep the records. He, too, felt the need to send missionaries to the Inland villages of China. The more we talked about the work, the more our desire grew. We both agreed to change the name from Ningbo Mission to the China Inland Mission.

I wondered if we could send young missionaries to the Inland villages where they would have to depend on God for support and survival. I prayed throughout the day, and woke during the evening to continue praying. Should we set up this new mission?

A friend invited me to his home on the coast to rest from the intense work. I walked along the beaches and cried out to God for an answer. What if we send a group of missionaries to Inland China and they starved or faced death?  What if one Chinese person accepted Christ as his Savior would the sacrifice be worth it? 

I walked back and forth on the sandy beach. Listening, praying, seeking God's leading. I told Him He had to take this responsibility and any consequences, I couldn't do it. Once I said those words, I felt the greatest peace and the desire to continue setting up the China Inland Mission.

With this new peace I asked God for twenty four new missionaries. Two for each of the eleven inland provinces that still lacked missionaries and two for Mongolia. To remember this prayer and the date, I wrote it down in my Bible and waited for God to provide.

Suddenly the air smelled fresh, clean, restful and energizing. The sun glistened off the water and and the sand warmed and cuddled my feet. I broke out singing praises to God spilling out with my voice the love in my heart for God.

When I arrived home, my wife said, "I don't think the color of your face has looked this good in a long time. You seem truly happy. Come tell me what God has done."

On June 27, 1865, I walked with Mr. Pearse to a bank. Together we opened an account with the name China Inland Mission (CIM). We deposited ten pounds to start the account.

How great is our God. The One who loves all His people, and provides a way for everyone to hear and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Please pray for all missionaries and for those who don't know they will be missionaries in the future that God will bless, strengthen to carry out the work God has called them to do.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China--home, in England--wishing I could be in China
Blessed by God

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