Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ahab-A Spoiled King Wants a Poor Man's Vineyard

By Mary Vee
I Kings 21

From Ahab's Scrolls

First thing every morning I walked to the balcony off of my chamber room and gazed out at the land. For three years in a row I saw nothing but brown grass and dead plants, a punishment of no rain. I blamed God and the prophet Elijah for that. 

Elijah said I was a wicked king. Hah!  My wife Jezebel wanted to worship the gods from her home country, what's wrong with that? Elijah said we should only worship the Almighty God and I needed to stop teaching the people to worship Jezebel's god's. The people worshiped Jezebel's god's to please me and I liked that. 

Well, no matter. The rains had returned and the land looked wonderful. We won a battle against the Arameans. I'd say that counts as success. 

I looked out the window and saw a vineyard beyond the palace property. It belonged to Naboth. The vegetables blossomed with bright colors. Imagine how the tasty grapes and vegetables from his vineyard. My mouth watered and I wanted some. 


The door opened and two guards entered. "Sire?"

"I wish to visit Naboth."

The guards and I left a few moments later in the royal chariot. The distance was short and we could have walked, but I wanted Naboth to know the king approached his land. 

As I expected, Naboth ran out of his house toward the chariot. He bowed. "Your majesty, what brings you here to my humble home?"

Humble indeed. The man wore the clothes of a poor man. His house looked simple, nothing more than a small structure. He should be thankful I honored him with my presence. 

"Naboth, Let me have your vineyard to use for a vegetable garden, since it is close to my palace. In exchange, I will give you a better vineyard or, if you prefer, I will pay you whatever it is worth."

Naboth lowered his head. "This is my inheritance from my father. This land has been in my family for years. the Lord forbid that I should give you the work of my fathers. I am sorry, I cannot sell it to you."

How dare he speak to the king in such a manner! He should have been grateful I wanted his land. He could have taken the money and built a better home, a larger vineyard. But, no, he insists to keep his father's land! I want it.

I didn't say another word to him, I couldn't. Anger filled me with such rage I couldn't speak. 

Then I knew what to do. I would go back to the palace and speak with Jezebel. She would have a good idea. One that would force Naboth to sell me his vineyard. Hah. I raised my hand in the air. I would have this vineyard before the week ended.

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1. King Ahab looked out his window one day and saw Naboth's ___________
2. Describe the vineyard.
3. King Ahab called his guards and road his _________ to Naboth's.
4. What did King Ahab ask Naboth? 
5. What did he offer Naboth?
6. What did Naboth answer?
7. What did King Ahab decide to do.

Author's Note: when we can't have what we want how would God want us to act? Do you think Ahab acted as God wanted him to?

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