Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ahab-Conquering Ben-Hadad

By Mary Vee
I Kings 20

From a Messenger's Journal

My job is to spy on the Israelite army. I have been sent from Ben-Hadad of Aram.

Only a few days ago the Israelite king, Ahab, gave into my master's demands by giving us all the gold, silver, the king's wives and his children. My king, Ben-Hadad laughed at how easy he could take such riches. He said, "Why should we stop there? Let's take more!"

I have kept watch on king Ahab's army, which he assembled soon after Ben-Hadad demanded more wealth from Israel. Young Israelite officers, 232 men and 7,000 other soldiers gathered at noon. 

I ran back to Ben-Hadad to let him know the Israelites had formed an army. He sat in a large tent with 32 other kings drinking and laughing. With a great army formed by all these nations they knew the Israelites would be squashed. 

It took a long time to get the Ben-Hadad's attention with all the noise. He finally looked at me with drunken eyes. I don't think he could understand my words, but I tried anyway. "My lord, men are advancing from Samaria."

The kings burst out laughing. Ben-Hadad held his hand up to silence the other drunk kings. "Let's be nice to the poor, little Israelites." He laughed some more and drank from his cup. He turned to his captain. "If the Israelites have come out to make a treaty, take them as prisoners and let them live. if they come for war, take them as prisoners, and let them live. I have plans." He turned back to the other kings and toasted with his drink.  

Our army went out to face the Israelites knowing full well we'd win. I hid far enough away to watch the battle and be ready to report back to my king.

The battle did not go as we thought. The Israelite officers marched forward with the army behind them. They attacked every unit of ours and won with every stroke of their weapon. Our captains soon called for a retreat but the Israelites chased, continuing their victorious attack.

I ran back to Ben-Hadad to tell him and the kings what happened. He left the other kings and ran to his horse taking with him a group of horsemen for protection. I ran alongside to escape with my life.

After reaching our home, Ben-Hadad called a meeting of his officials. They reported: "My lord, this was a huge loss for us. The Israelite gods are gods of the hills. That is why they were too strong for us. Let us plan an attack for next spring, one that is not in the hills."

Ben-Hadad, wiped sweat from his forehead. "Unbelievable. How did they do that?"


1. Ben-Hadad is the evil king from ___________
2. He wanted to conquer ______________
3. When the messenger told him the Israelites were coming to attack he thought ______
4. What happened during the battle?
5. When Ben-Hadad heard the news what did he do?
6. How did the Israelite army win this battle? 

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