Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ahab- Elijah-Ran Faster Than a Chariot

By Mary Vee
I Kings 18,19

From Elijah's Journal

At last. So many people from Israel had been tricked into believing and worshiping Baal. The  worse offenders had to be the prophets of Baal. How dare they trick the people, convincing them with their lies and tales about a god with no power, a god who did not exist.

The only justice was their death. I ordered the people to capture the prophets of Baal. "Don't let anyone get away!" After the magnificent show of God's power, the Israelites were more than happy to comply. They tied all 400 prophets and forced them to walk to the Kishon Valley. There all those tale tellers were killed. 

I walked to king Ahab, the one who honored the prophets of Baal's lies. "Go, eat and drink for there is the sound of a heavy rain."

He didn't say a word or mock me. Not this time. He too saw the power of God come down with fire and burn the sacrifice and all the water and stones. Instead, he went and ate as I told him.

I climbed to the top of Carmel, and bent down to the ground. I pressed my head against my knees and said to my servant, "Go and look toward the sea."

His footsteps faded as he walked to the edge. He shouted back to me, "There is nothing there."

I asked him to look again. And again he said he saw nothing in the sky.

I kept asking, seven times in all, until my servant's report changed. The last time he said, "A cloud as small as a man's hand is rising from the sea."

"Go tell Ahab to hitch his chariot and hurry away before the rain stops him."

While my servant was on the errand, the sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose, and a heavy rain roared toward us.

I felt a sudden burst of energy in my legs and knew I needed to hurry. I tucked my coat into my belt and ran down the path. I didn't think about my steps and how fast my legs moved until I found myself catching up to Ahab's chariot and passing him. I ran through the city gates of Jezreel ahead of Ahab.

Let me catch my breath. I tell you what happen next time.

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1.  What happened to the prophets of Baal?
2.  What did Elijah tell Ahab would happen?
3.  Where did Elijah go?
4.  At that place he told his servant to ____________
5.  How many times did he tell his servant to do the same thing?
6.  What amazing thing did Elijah do?
7. What powerful even happened so fast and powerful that Ahab had to hurry for shelter?

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