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Hudson Taylor-Good Day Memories Help During Trials

By Mary Vee
Taylor's age: 26 -years-old
date: January 20-August 1858

from J. Hudson Taylor's Journals

After our wedding in January, Maria and I moved for a short time away from the missionary compound in Ningbo and set up our own home. Maria, unfortunately came down with typhoid fever. The poor thing became so terribly ill, I thought I would lose her.

We moved to the shared home with doctor Parker, where I once lived, to provide her with the medical treatment she needed. Not long afterwards, I too came down with the fever. 

How I hated the days resting when I knew what work needed to be done.

The Lord graced us with restored health not long afterwards, about the time we learned the exciting news that Maria was going to have a child. 

With our heath restored we moved to the attic apartment I once lived in on  Bridge Street. This prime location helped us work close to our home. I wrote home to my mother asking her to send anything she felt would turn our house into a home. She sent silverware, a tablecloth, cooking pans, and glasses.

Maria still had days when she felt ill. I wrote my mother again and asked her to send a bed. Sleeping on the bamboo slats didn't help her condition. She not only sent the bed but also a cookbook, which, I must admit, improved our meals.

My friend John Burdon had also married during this time. He married Maria's older sister, Burella, and moved to Shanghai to continue the ministry there. He seemed so very happy. His first wife had died in China, but Burella filled the loneliness he had felt. They set up their ministry and worked to share God's love with the people.

June brought wonderful changes to the country. The Treaty of Tietsin was signed ending the war with England and China. Before the treaty we, as foreigners, could only go to big port cities. Now, praise God, we are free to travel to ten new port cities and the entire Yangtze River area.

At last, we can take the good news of God's love to people who live in inland China. I am so excited to go!

In August of this year I received a letter from my friend, John. 

The news broke our hearts.

Burella became ill with cholera and died. 

I can hardly write the words. Maria has been devastated by the news of her sister's death. 

October came and brought more trials. Our baby was born prematurely and died.

I am wiping away the tears shed for my baby as I write. How cruel life can be at times. 

How thankful I am for the days when God blesses us with good day memories to strengthen us for the days of trial which come. I know I am strengthen with hardship, but like Jesus, I still weep and long for the days of laughter and peace.

Please pray for Maria and I, that we may be a witness to the people in China.

J. Hudson Taylor
Missionary to China
Blessed by God

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