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Ahab-Elijah's Warning

By Mary Vee
I Kings I6-21

From the Prophet Elijah's Journal

Ahab became the king of Israel when his father Omri died. He married a woman named Jezebel who worshiped idols. 

Jezebel convinced king Ahab to do terrible things. To please her he worshiped and served Baal, he built a Baal temple and an altar for worship. Worse than all of this he lead the people of Israel to do the same thing.

A new generation of people lived in Israel. These men and women did not remember the time when God sent Moses to Egypt to free His people, the lessons our people learned in the desert, and our final homecoming to the promise land. Our king has failed to lead the people to worship God. 

We have failed to pass these events on to our children, to teach them the ways of God. 

The new generation has followed their king by worshiping Baal and other kings belonging to the people forced out of this land. Hardly anyone listens when I speak of God.

It came as no surprise to me when the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob said, "Go to Ahab and give him my message."

The time had come for punishment or change.

I went to the palace of the king and requested to speak with him. As the doors opened, I saw the king seated at his throne with Jezebel nearby. Seeing her did not bring fear to my veins, but it did remind me this would not be an easy task.

"Elijah, what message have you for me."

I bowed in respect and spoke the words God said. "As the Lord, the God of Israel lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word."

Ahab tipped his head as if waiting for me to say more. God didn't give me any other words. The message was clear. Since Ahab didn't say anything, I left his chamber and returned to my work.

The word of the Lord came to me again. He said, "Leave here, turn eastward and hide in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan. There is good water in the brook for you to drink and I have ordered the ravens to bring you food."

I immediately packed a few things and set out for the ravine. Nothing would stop me.  Such a message meant only one thing. Ahab and Jezebel wanted to kill me. The Lord chose to hide me in a place where I would have water in a time of no rain. 

The water tasted delicious. I set up a camp by the water. A short while later a raven flew near to me. He had bread in his beak. Rather than eating it or taking it to his young ones, he dropped the bread on the ground and flew off. He returned a short time later with meat in his beak. 

The raven became my daily reminder of God's love. In he flew each morning and evening with my bread and meat. I had not seen such a thing before. God blesses us in unexpected ways.

Would it be so hard for Ahab to see God's blessings. He only had to say he was sorry and rid the country of the false gods. 

But he didn't.

The days crept by. I watched the brook slowly dry up. The people of the land must be terribly thirsty and the crops have surely died. There will be famine soon. 

I am confident though, since the Lord cared for me by sending me to this brook, He will provide a new source of water. If God sent me food from a raven, what will he do next? I can't wait to see. 

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1. Who is king of Israel?
2. Why did the king worship Baal?
3. The king taught the new generation of Israelites to worship Baal. What had the people forgotten?
4. The Lord told Elijah this message to give to king Ahab ______________.
5. Why did the Lord tell Elijah to hide?
6. Where did the Lord send Elijah?
7. Who brought Elijah food?

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